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  1. Clean Sheets under SCP

    Heard on Saturday that Oxley kept 16 clean sheets last season - equivalent to 1/3 of our league season. 10 (2/3ish) of those clean sheets were under SCP, which was essentially just the final third of the season. Exciting for next season to think we are twice as likely to keep a clean sheet under...
  2. DoDTS


    As we approach the end of season 2016-17 and the fourth session of the Prediction League, the question on everybody's mind is how have done this season???? :dizzy: So for the first time, after the final match we will have the Prediction League Awards. Nominations will be posted and there will...
  3. londonblue

    Bt tv

    I've been looking at getting rid of Sky in favour of BT. For the full package it looks like I'd save a large amount of money, but there seems to be an issue that shouldn't really be there. It seems that you can't have a 2nd box (their equivalent of multi-room) whilst paying for Sky Sports and...
  4. Shrimpers are Magic

    The Schadenfreude list

    Having just read the usual numb skull reactions to a home defeat, it has occurred to me that there are some on here who only seem happy when things are going a bit wrong and not just on the football field. Apparently there is no English equivalent to schadenfreude but it basically means a...
  5. Uncle Leo

    SUFC Tube XI

    I'm not totally comfortable in taking inspiration from Birmingham City but what the hell. 703244790733873156 So, time to compile a Southend United equivalent. I've put in one for starters....go! GK DF John Whitechapel DF DF DF MD MD MD MD MD FW FW
  6. GregStarz

    Wycombe Pricing

    Ive been speaking to a few Wycombe fans and they really aren't happy with their ticket pricing, sounds like their cheapest tickets are around £40+ which is equivalent to our category 4 tickets. I didn't realise you could charge different prices? Oh and they aren't happy with Ticketmaster...
  7. DoDTS

    WEMBLEY Tickets

    Woops! I've posted this on the wrong forum, it should have been on the Away Travel forum. This Wembley fever is a terrible thing well might as well leave it where it is! I'm sure that this has/will be posted or quoted numerous times but I will leave here as a sticky for easy reference...
  8. Kidnapped girls forced to convert and sold for $12 each.

    MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) — With a malevolent laugh, the leader of Nigeria's Islamic extremists tells the world that more than 200 kidnapped schoolgirls have all been converted to Islam and married off, dashing hopes for their freedom. "If you knew the state your daughters are in today, it might...
  9. TV screws

    Without wanting to take away from Pubey's DIY threads, I've recently moved into a new place and while I had my TV mounted on the wall where I used to live, the landlord's a bit funny about fixtures and fittings, so I'm having to place it back on its stand. That wouldn't be a problem at all...
  10. Mad Cyril

    Food mistakes

    I had a bit of a hangover Saturday morning and instead of going for a Sausage and Egg McMuffin meal I tried the Burger King equivalent. It was absolutely rank and came with chips instead of hash browns. If you ever feel tempted don't make the same mistake I did.
  11. danburyshrimper

    Celebrity top trumps

    I 've just come back from holiday in Turkey & 2 (sort of) semi famous people were staying at the same place for the same week. I got beaten in the table tennis final by Burnley + Welsh Int'l Brian Stock ...( although he did admit he has his own table tennis table in his triple garage at...
  12. TrueBlue

    GTA V details....

    The first of many GTAV previews to come starts today with Game Informer's article hitting the digital newsstand. Continue reading below for our bullet pointed summary of all the important and interesting facts, and discuss further on GTA Forums: General Information: There are 3 playable...
  13. Jam_Man

    MPPI claims

    Dont know if anyone else has done this, we were meaning to do so for ages but never got around to it. Have been paying MPPI which we got with out mortgage in 98, and then renewed 6 years ago. Mrs Jam finally got around to putting in a claim for it and we basically got the equivalent of all...
  14. Kevin Hogg

    We often look back on memorable games - so TONIGHT...

    will be the subject of posts (or the future equivalent) in years to come. Let's hope it is the subject of celebration and a key night in ongoing success. Whatever it is, chances are we will remember this evening for the rest of our lives!!! Remember May 16th 2012? When we...................??????
  15. southend4ever

    Current Household Packages - Internet, Sky, phone etc

    Hi All, I will soon be relocating and will need to invest in a broadband internet package, sky television (or equivalent), a house landline (ideally) and would also like to know about any other perks that the providers offer. I have taken a look around and Virgin Broadband do a pretty good all...
  16. Who would be the Blues Henry equivalent?

    Looking at the emotional scenes at the Emirates, who would be the player most likely to get that level of reception if he returned on loan and scored within 10 minutes, winning the game in the process? Nominations for a player who could theoretically do that (ie is still playing) and for someone...
  17. Cricko

    50 Million a day to stay in the EU

    No wonder this country is in such a mess. BRITAIN poured a colossal £18.5billion into EU coffers last year – the equivalent of more than £50million a day. Gross receipts from Brussels plunged from £9.7billion in 2008 to £8.1billion last year, making Britain’s net contribution £10.3billion...
  18. Betting on the blues and other superstitions

    After reading through the endless drivel on the Oxford United forum after last night's game, I thought I'd have a look and see if we'd got a mention on the Preston equivalent. One of our fans had asked for pub recommendations in a thread and the Preston fans seemed a fairly friendly bunch and...
  19. pickledseal

    Vote of no confidence for Gove

    This would be an interesting move.... <link> I loved this quote: I do thing that general contentment amongst teachers, as with many public sector workers, must be at record low in recent times. Now before we get into "public sector workers don't know how good they've got it" debate - and...
  20. Chairman Trigg

    Question Anyone know any French??

    Found this article on the internet in French ,and pressed the translation button on google Its so much clearer now .Makes his style of football ,and the reason he came here so much clearer now FOOTBALL The English dream Bilel Mohsni 22.07.2010 Already author, a year ago, noticed a...