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  1. Mad Cyril

    Yodel - any horror stories?

    These people allegedly left a £900 laptop in my front garden and posted a card through my door informing me of its location. When I phoned them they said that the item had been signed for and if I hadn't received it I should contact the company I purchased it from. A quick Google seems to...
  2. Ricey

    Disgraceful Fan Behaviour

    At today's game there was a group of gobby young lads in their teens maybe early twenties in the uncovered stands but one lad stood out. During half time he started to pick on the ball boy who must of been about 10 calling him a 'ginger ****'. The kids completely ignored it and hadn't done...
  3. Jam_Man

    FM 14 -Beta now out

    Beta released yesterday for those who pre-ordered. Played it for a couple of hours last night, although that should say tried to play it. I played a couple of games and then it crashed, started new game (hadnt saved the first) and again crashed on same day. Finally managed to get past the...
  4. Jam_Man

    Breaking News Wages have been paid and up to date

    I have been informed by a very good source that wages for August and September were all paid and on time. We never heard from any of our normal sources that they hadn't but it has been mentioned numerous times over the past couple of weeks that wages were a reason for our dip in form but this...
  5. Benfleet A1

    Did I Spot Our Man In Penzance

    For the last two weeks I have been lurking in Cornwall with the wife and kids. Now for someone who has been going down that neck of the woods for 30+ years you might have thought I would have pretty much covered the lot but nope, I doubt I have even scratched the surface. One of the places I...
  6. Ricey

    Question Animal lovers?

    Morning all, Don't know if this has been covered before but just wondering what and how many pets the members of ShrimperZone have. I have: - 8 month old Labrador - 2 cats - 1 gerbil. I also have my work dog which is a 6 year old German Shepard. And for this week my wife has kindly offered...
  7. IloveShrimp

    Phil Brown BBC Essex 5th June

    I heard an interview with Phil Brown on BBC Essex yesterday. When he was asked about the new back room staff, he said (words to the effective of) that perhaps really he should not have mentioned that the new staff were coming as they hadn't signed a contract yet but it was 95% certain. What I...
  8. Top Five Regrets of the Dying

    As below.... What might your biggest regret be? NB superblue24 - Regret #2..........
  9. The Leonard "nudge"

    One or two posters have referred to Leonard getting away with a foul as he scored our winner against Oxford. I hadn't noticed anything at the time but I thought I'd suspend judgment until I saw the highlights. Well, I've now looked at them. Over and over again. It looks to me like a classic...
  10. Mistake on Betting Slip

    I placed a bid on a few matches but the match between Yate and Cheltenham was void because according to where I placed the bet it had already started when in fact it hadn't started. I was wondering if all my teams won and so did Cheltenham as I have proof of my bet would I be able to get the...
  11. Andy_S

    Barry Fry

    Seems like we could be up against him in Pre Season, as its rumoured he's interested in the available job at The Daggers! I haven't heard anything about it myself, but their board is full of posts about him and it's supposed to have been mentioned on Sky Sports News.
  12. superblue24

    Speaker Wiring

    Hi All, So I've bought some Sahara Whiteboard speakers second hand for an awards night tomorrow. They turned up last night with no bloody cables.....Which I think is right, but I hadn't thought about at that time. anyway..... There is one Active Speaker with a built in amp. and one Passive...

    PL Weekly Points Points for Round 2

    :tumbleweed: 54 points were scored this week, 54 .... ... between 44 of us :facepalm: an average of 1.23 each .. if it hadn't have been for chapperz getting our result spot on with a wildcard that average could've been down to 1.09 :hilarious: .. good job its only a bit of fun eh :smile...
  14. Rattus Norvegicus

    What about defenders?

    I know it is a little more exciting to talk about strikers but keeping a clean sheet is just as important - if we hadn't let in the last minute goal against Accers we would be in division 3 etcetera....... If we sign Hills then I am happy with left back and right back (and cover with Gilbert...
  15. Yorkshire Blue

    2nd highest ever points tally?

    Our record this season would have been sufficient to have won the title the year we last went up from this division (when we went up via the play-offs) and we got more points than when we actually won the title the following season. In fact, I believe that's our second highest points tally...

    PL Weekly Points Points for Round 54

    A superb tally of points this week (aided immensely by our superb showing on Friday) though perhaps most telling is the lack of a certain ex-player who, all things being equal, would have sat at number 28 of 29 on this list with 1 point (or at 7 with 10 points if his cheat hadn't been detected...
  17. IloveShrimp

    Players attitude

    Someone (a loyal supporter and season ticket holder) I was sitting next to in the West Stand last night, suggested something that I really hadn't thought of before. His statement was: "Club wants to get promoted - players don't!" When I asked him what he meant he said, "most of the players...
  18. OldBlueLady

    TV Highlights Blues v Dagenham

    Well, not exactly i-player but, here you go http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/16401242.stm Shows that if Leonard's shot from the free kick hadn't have taken the slightest of deflections, it would probably have gone in.
  19. Was Bilel offside?

    Now I have seen it live yesterday I have watched it on TV three times and in my veiw the ball camr off there keeper billy had a defender in line with him .He reacted quickest and in my view the goal was good .But what do you think .And it was stated the he ran staight from the pitch after the...
  20. fbm

    Question So if the club HADN'T increased prices...

    ... would you renew?