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  1. DTS

    Reading between the lines of Frannos interview on Blues World.

    Francis, Macca, Barrett and Mildy all seem to think they can do a job at a higher level. Im guessing none will be here come the new season. No shocks really but kind of hurts to see a player actually say it.
  2. Your not having any children ....

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyWrmbAe75g :O Hurts to even watch!
  3. Interpol Shrimper

    Analysis of why 09/10 went so very wrong

    Right, I think we all know that the financial constraints we've had to suffer (many of them self-inflicted) have ended up causing our dismal relegation but I just felt it might be quite good to discuss the football side of why things have ended in disaster this year. For me, I'd say in the...
  4. Cricko

    Down Down Deeper and Down

    Ok we are down..is this a new beginning or a total mismanagement of our football club..IMO we have been sent down the river for a pocket full of gold. I cannot remember when in my 40 odd years of supporting SUFC when I have felt so low....we have such a great fan base as this site shows..and we...
  5. Is it time for a boycott?

    Its clear to me that Ron Martin has no respect for anyone at the club. We need to send him a message that we will not put up with this anymore. After all there is no club without the fans, players and staff. He needs us! I have not missed a home game for 13 years but am now contemplating...
  6. National Rail Strike

    Seeing as I have the Easter week off of work and will be wanting to head away over the Easter weekend by train, I just wondered whether there was anyone on here who had a bit of know about the proposed strike? As always you read the newspaper articles: Union - "Conditions aren't good enough...
  7. Smiffy

    United for Southend - A message to ALL

    Ok, so we are ****ing deep, deep in the brown stuff at the moment. Morale amongst players and fans alike is probably akin to the Little/Chipmunk era's at the moment. But we still have our club to support... Our support is clearly dividing at an alarming rate with regard to our Chairman. That...
  8. Tommy2holes

    Yet another rally call....

    Now im just as gutted with last nights performance as anyone else, even angry. I was frozen the football was as best dire . I broke down on the way home and didnt get in till after midnight. Will i go to another away game this season ? Probably not and too be honest to those that do i...
  9. BaileytheQuitter

    A word about Colchester

    It hurts when they're having success, towards the top of the league and in the promotion race when they were in my opinion totally ordinary. Don't get we wrong, we were much much worse but it's an annoyance when an average team come to our ground and we make them look half decent. Maybe...
  10. Winkle

    Gave me a liitle chortle!

    I'm sure that upon reading this, you'll nod your head in agreement as you will all have experienced most, if not all of the scenarios listed. If you haven't you need more fiber..... The Perfect Dump Every once in a while everyone experiences the perfect dump. It's rare but a real thing of...
  11. My arm hurts

    Sweep stake on just what I got up to last night, Because I have absolutely no ****ing idea...
  12. The Big Shrimp

    Did I Overdo My Celebration?

    When Clarkey's magical goal went in, I, along with 6000 others jumped punching the air in celebration. In the lower stand I was under the low roof & didn't realise how low it was until I punched it a bit hard! This evening, whilst going through my photo's, I've noticed that above where I was sat...
  13. J

    Can i be the first...

    To plead for a ticket for the Replay, as i have i assume i will have no entitlement - So if there is a Season ticket holder / share holder / team card holder thingy, that will have 1 spare, i will forever be at your mercy, and southend_lady will provide a "blowie.." But more importantly, i...
  14. Slipperduke

    Chelsea Fall To Resurgent Roma

    This wasn't in the script. Chelsea were supposed to go to Italy, ease their way past a struggling Roma side and secure their place in the knock-out stages with two games to spare. The side that had suffered five consecutive defeats and were hovering above Serie A's relegation zone were supposed...
  15. MrB


    Seen this before but still makes me chuckle. May have to try to use a few of these in every day life, especially No. 30. 1. She walked into my office like a centipede with 98 missing legs. 2. His thoughts tumbled in his head, making and breaking alliances like underpants in a tumble dryer 3...
  16. DTS

    Grant against Millwall - A classy holding player

    My god I though he was superb yesterday. Looked composed on the ball, never got muscled out of it, really intelligent passing and a got his body in where it hurts. Dont think he is going to score many but he really looks like a class holding player based on that performance.
  17. seany t

    Drewe Broughton song-themed pun thread

    Been a while, and got a slow afternoon at work. The name of this game is to find a song that's readily known and replace a word within it's title with the word "Drewe". Extra merit awarded where it makes sense (in a very stupid manner). Here are some starters for ten: Hopelessly devoted to...
  18. seany t

    Clearout - Players

    All needing good homes; don't want to get rid of some of them, but Ron's chewing my ear off: Highlights include: - Flahavan (with optional tracksuit for keeping warm when stuck on bench) - Foran (buy 1, get Harrold free) - Bailey (hurts to see this one go, undecided on whether to keep or not)...
  19. An Ode to Matt Harrold

    To the tune of Radiohead - Creep When you were here before, (for Yeovil) Couldn't look you in the eye You're not like Brett Angell, Your skill makes me cry You float like a feather In a beautiful world I wish you was special You're not very special Cos you're a creep, You're a weirdo What the...
  20. Winkle


    Had a rare day off yesterday and was cajouled into watching my daughter play netball in a tornamount. Normally, this is the wifes area but as the beloved was having her hair done, I stepped into the breach as it was and found myself running along the line, baying instructions to my unimpressed...