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  1. DTS

    Oldest and Youngest lovers.

    Was donw the park today with one of the lads from work on our lunch break. He is 18 and its quiet funny hearing his stories as reminds me of those times. Anyway long and short of it is some bird who is 15 really likes him and he likes her but he cant go near her as his mates will think he is a...
  2. Dirty weeds staying down

    Great news, so nice to see the scum of Football staying in the Division they belong. I am no lover of Millwall but I'll take them over Leeds anytime. Will make League one even stronger next season. Just look forward to beating them again at Roots Hall.
  3. Napster

    Palace opinions on Barrowdale

    Nothing special... Gary Borrowdale? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Very sorry if I am posting this in the wrong section... If so, please could one of the mods move this to the appropriate section? We (QPR) have recently signed him on loan...
  4. Aberdeen Shrimper

    For all you Curry lovers

    I know that a lot of folk are not lovers of Radio 1 and Chris (fat boy big mouth) Moyles but his side kick Dave Vitty does come out with some nuggets of genius. I don't really like their parodies but this one is very good This if Dave Vitty with his take on Hallelujah. Definitely worth a...
  5. J

    Bumped Into Footlong..

    Just bumped into Paul "the footlong lover" Furlong, in subway. Had a little chat, seemed pretty pleased that someone knew who he was! Nice bloke as it goes, said he is pretty much liking Life at SUFC. He has currently got a thigh strain, as he said he might of got the Nod tonight! He said he...
  6. Irish_Shrimper

    Interview with an Exile: Part 1 - Aberdeen Shrimper

    The life of an SUFC exile can be a lonely one at times - and one which is a difficult existence to understand for some. I thought by setting up this weekly thread, we would get the opportunity to get to know some of the exiled posters on SZ a bit better. This week, Aberdeen Shrimper goes under...
  7. Slipperduke

    Platini Has Sold Us Out

    The arrival of Michel Platini as the head of UEFA was supposed to herald a new dawn for European football. It was the ascent of a footballing legend, a lover of the game, into a position of great power. What a shame that he's turned out to be just like the faceless bureaucrats he replaced...
  8. Irish_Shrimper

    Orient thrashing, the 'Taking' of the Spread, and Wiggy's Identity Finally Revealed

    I had every intention of defying my usual trend of taking only 4 photos every trip to see Southend play, but the above is all I got this time around :D Friday morning started bright and early at 7am, where Billy no mates here made his way to Shannon Airport. Got a sneaky, and rather greasy...
  9. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Headless cat found in underpass

    I am not a cat lover....but this is sick as f*uck http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/essex/7616470.stm
  10. Something for the weekend - step forward . .

    . . . . Steve McClaren on YouTube close your eyes and think of Harry Enfields gay Dutch coppers 'who i'm proud to say is not only my partner, but also my lover' http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8oN58cyp2c this nutsack has totally lost the plot Al
  11. OldBlueLady

    This time we have - Britain's most intelligent man

    :D http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1038633/Spurned-lover-concocted-Dalek-kidnap-rescue-plot-win-heart-ex-girlfriend.html
  12. Harold Bishop Killer

    Chat Up Lines

    All guys have been there. You are in a bar and you notice a young hotty over in the corner. You catch given you a quick glance. You look back again to make sure it wasnt the alcohol playing tricks on you. no definitely she was checking you out. Your heart races that little bit more, you begin to...
  13. ldnfatso

    Doctors Secretaries mistypes

    Some of these are absolutely classic - restores your faith in the NHS! These are sentences typed (wrongly) by medical secretaries!!!! 1. The patient has no previous history of suicides. 2. Patient has left white blood cells at another hospital. 3. Patient's medical history has been remarkably...
  14. TrueBlue

    Metal Monday Pt. 17

    Born in Bremen, Germany, Hanson Jobb and Udo Von DüYü have made good on their sacred pledge to "conquer the world, one bath house at a time." But PINK STËËL's rightful place in the great book of Gay Heavy Metal has been 20 years in the making. "These guys are the gay Id, flooding the world with...
  15. Help Needed

    HELP NEEDED I see the government is looking for volunteers to spend a couple of hours a week Mentoring newly arrived migrants, as apparently, these poor loves need looking after So bearing In mind, we have the most left wing, pc correct messageboard of any club in the league, I thought who...
  16. The Flying Scotsman

    FAO Golden Tee Lovers

    If you want to get a few practice rounds in before hitting The Spread, and don't have as much money as Mr B then this could be for you: Golden Tee
  17. Totty Cup for the Ladies.

    As an equal opportunities leftie lesbian lover, I have decided to fight the right wing hegemony of the Shrimperzone fascists and posted a poll for you ladies and any closet bum-ban... I mean homosexuals... that are out there in Shrimperzone land. So here you go ladies...... Who would you let...
  18. Slipperduke

    Surprisingly accurate personality test

    http://www.animalinyou.com/survey.asp When I worked at The Independent we used this personality test on ten people in the office and it was pretty much spot-on in every case. It only asks a handful of questions, so God knows how it works. Anywhere, here's me. I'm a rooster! Roosters are...
  19. canveyshrimper

    The Hershey Bar Run

    Recalling the poll by DtS about the "chocolate finger" reminded me of a story told to me by a good friend who is Italian. I met Frankie many years ago through business, and had a number of trips to his home near Florence and we were good friends. When he was single he was involved working in...
  20. Davros

    The Ballet

    Im a lover of football but dont like Ballet The Mrs likes the ballet, but hates football anyhow, a couple of months ago, we came up with an agreement, that she would come to a football game at RH, and that i would go see Swan Lake with her. anyhow, she kept her part of the deal, and endured...