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  1. Bit of a Tammy Wnyette

    After years of trying I have come to the very heavy and painful decision to end my marriage which is something that I do not do lightly and I wonderedvif any zoner was a (can not spell the word solicitor) ***** but my tablet can. So in short i need help and advice on costs and what to do, how...
  2. Business Solicitor's Help Required

    Can any of you business solicitors give my future daughter in law a bit of free advice regarding business partnership squabbles regarding terminating a partnership ? For anyone interested this is nothing to do with the Zone :smile::smile::smile:
  3. davewebbsbrain

    Any Solicitors on SZ

    I need some advice from a Solicitor regarding damage to my property. Basically there is a flat in my Cul de Sac that is owned but rented out and managed by a property company. Some work was done at the property over xmas to the fence and the front garden, which was concreted over. The concrete...
  4. Not In Mohave Shrimper

    Selling a parent's house

    Hi folks, after a bit of a wait my mum has been offered a flat in an assisted living place in Rayleigh, however this leaves me with the task of helping her move and selling her house. Which as I rent isn't something I've ever had to do before, and to be honest I'm not sure where to start. The...
  5. Tommy2holes

    Anybody a solicitor or know one locally?

    Hi i need a solicitor to sign and stamp some mediation access paper work to make it binding. I am based in rayleigh. Any solicitors out there that can help would be great and even better if there if there is a shrimpers rate involved as all this going through court and csa has cost me an arm...
  6. DTS

    Speedy Passports.

    Ladies and Gentleman. I have an exam next week. I had to send my drivers liscense off to a solicitor on behalf of a customer and my passport is out of date. I need to show who I am for a exam next week and I dont have any ID Can you still go down to petty france of whereever it is in London...
  7. steveo

    This is a tough one

    A High Court judge has ruled that a brain-damaged woman should not be allowed to die, in what is being seen as a landmark case. The woman, who is 52 and can be referred to only as M, is in what is known as a "minimally conscious state". Her family argued she was in pain and that artificial...
  8. Tommy2holes

    The child support agency or ***** as i like to call them

    Anybody else have any horror stories regardin the CSA? I am having a nightmare with them at the moment Not only are they trying to charge me for a period when i was still at home , but me and my previous partner have had an arrangement in place since day one and i have had visiting times of...
  9. Bexley Blue

    Latest Rumours Tilson still not seen his money?

    Thought this was worthy of being in the main forum for now, rather than in the 'Ex-Shrimpers' forum where hardly anyone will see it. A little birdie told me recently that Mr. Tilson still hasn't seen any of the monies that he is owed by the club. That includes wages for 3 months before he was...
  10. Smiffy

    Breaking News Winding Up Petition Issued

    Oh no, not again. http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/59702/pages/2832 Publication Date: Wednesday, 16 February 2011 Notice Code: 2450 Petitions to Wind Up (Companies) In the High Court of Justice (Chancery Division) Companies Court No 786 of 2011 In the Matter of SOUTHEND UNITED...
  11. weststander

    Solicitor needed.

    Can anyone recommend a good solicitor for dealing with a dispute that I have over my fathers will ? He has now been gone for over 2 years but wicked stepmother who is also a joint executor is demanding things that she's clearly not entitled to...... its driving me mad !!!
  12. Usual_Suspect


    Can anyone recommend a good/fast solicitors to deal with the buying of one house and selling of another? Cheers
  13. Firestorm

    Consortium / more revelations about monday

    A few snippets from a story in todays paper. In court on Monday RM accused Alan Gershlick (have i seen that surname on here before ??) of Being involved in the consortium because of a grudge against the club going back to the 80's The court was told that work on the stadium will start in the...
  14. Cricko

    Administration essential and Sainsbury's

    Administration essential even if Blues find money. Southend United should be placed into administration, even if they clear their current tax debt of 238k, the taxman has said. Catherine Addy, representing HM Revenue and Customs, described the club as "demonstrably insolvent", a persistent...
  15. Smudger

    Full details from the High Court - For all Q&A attendees

    With thanks to Shrimpacus on the "Stadium" forum..... Fw: HIGH COURT COPY FROM UK LAW NEWS League One side Southend United were today given one final chance to pay debts of more than £400,000 to the taxman - all thanks to supermarket giants Sainsbury's. Mrs Registrar Derrett adjourned the...
  16. chrisblore

    Breaking News Board Statement

    From the OS The board of Southend United Football Club has released the following statement this evening: On Monday morning the Board received an offer through a local solicitor on behalf of a number of unnamed investors. The Board is always prepared to consider proposals that are in the best...
  17. Vange Shrimper

    Would you do this cos you wanted the day off work?

    Silly git.... Man hurt himself to 'avoid work' An Aberdeen hotel cleaner who attacked himself with a boulder and a razor to avoid going to work has been fined £100 for wasting police time. Steven Reid, 23, claimed he had been assaulted, but later admitted faking the attack because he wanted a...
  18. Napster

    Lawrie Dudfield - Legal Action!

    Lawrie Dudfield has hit back at Graham, Drury, manager of Blue Square North newcomers Corby Town, over the manner of his exit from the Rockingham Triangle. And the former Leicester City and Northampton Town striker says he intends to take legal action over the matter. Dudfield was released...
  19. Moridin

    Glad to be back at work.... Or not.

    As a very laid back kind of chap, it does take quite a lot to rile me, but today has been one of those days… :punch: After five long months of signing on, I landed myself a job as a Rent Officer for a Housing Association, not ideal, but better than scabbing pints from my friends :) I attended...
  20. BW and club

    I have contacted both club and BW with regard to the abysmal service provided on so many occassions. The club have not responded, i am not surprised as I am only a supporter, and BW sent me this email; Thank you for contacting us. We would recomend that you try re-installing windows media...