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  1. Shrimpers are Magic

    The two first names eleven!

    Players with two first names anyone? Appreciate the need to get out more but how about... Ryan Leonard Paul Clark Dave Martin and Simon Francis for starters
  2. Slow starters

    There's been a lot of criticism over our start to the season but it's really nothing unusual for us to struggle in August. Here's our record under Brown in the first month of the season (EFL Trophy matches not included). YEAR P W D L F A 2013 6 3 0 3 6 5 2014 6 2 1 3 5 6 2015 6 0 3 3 3 7 2016 6...
  3. RHB

    Longest words in the English language

    We're still ages off the start of the season so nonsense threads are still order of the day. So, for those of you that like obscure stuff, see what you can come up with on the longest words in the English language. My starter for 10 is: floccinaucinihilipilification - which is the...
  4. RHB

    Jakub Sokolik

    When Jakub Sokolik was first with us on loan I thought he was a real prospect, and I would have loved to have him permanently with Southend. That didn't happen and from then on his career development has been on hold it seems, for a variety of reasons. Now he is finally back with us as a real...
  5. Napster

    A Cultural Review 2015

    I haven't seen many films this year - so it's been a year of new podcasts, new books, new TV shows and new music. New podcasts: Lore has been interesting - a bi-weekly investigation of myths/ No Such Thing as a Fish - funny at times, fascinating in others - produced by the team behind QI...
  6. Smiffy

    Football for 3-6 year olds

    Thought I would share this in here in case any of you chaps have a 3-6 year old that wants to get into football... Perfect starter session for any boy or girl. Only £2.00 a week and outdoors as well. So no loud stuffy halls.... Pay as they play, so no up front fees or pressure to go every...
  7. Loza back for play-offs?

    Now Norwich have finished their season (and he hasn't made the bench today) will Loza come back for the play-off's? Is he allowed to? Not necessarily a starter but a useful option off the bench.
  8. amsemp

    Question Should Jack Payne become a regular starter?

    After several pretty impressive and creative performances of late, should Payne become a regular starter as we look to create more chances?
  9. A Very Positive Experience

    As I stated in the other thread today I tried the club's Blue Lounge hospitality for the first time. I was greeted by the lovely Gill who explained the procedure for the carvery meal and was served the starter of Crispy Chicken Fillets with a sweet chilli and mayo dip. I chose the wonderful...
  10. Freddy: Starter or impact sub?

    Maybe a silly thread but who cares. In the run in would you start with Freddy or would he be best served as an impact sub ( considering his lack of fitness).
  11. Benfleet A1

    We Are Facing a Drought

    According to those who know these things, we are facing a drought that could rival 1976. Here's an solution, who agrees or disagrees, like I don't already know. We currently have an energy shortage, a water shortage, and a need to reduce our carbon footprint right? So shut the hippies up and...
  12. Uncle Leo

    Question Pre-season predictions -- YOUR Vote Required *URGENTLY*

    With the Football League season nearly upon us, it's prediction time for lots of newspapers, blogs, etc. Let's have this thread for a one-stop shop for all of the predictions of how Southend will feature this year. Here's a starter... THE TIMES Strengths - Settled squad Weaknesses - A lack of...
  13. SUFC_Al

    OD Match 9

    Southchurch Village CC vs Fresh Team A rare starter for me simply because this has turned out to be an unexpected chance at consolidating my place at the top of the league and a real shout at promotion to level IV. The problem is i've lost all 13 matches between the two of us, although I have...
  14. Firestorm

    Richie Foran

    Would you want him judging a Miss Britain regional heat ? Miss Inverness (8th Paragraph Halfway down the article) I am surprised he was interested, i mean they're not married for starters
  15. Benfleet A1

    Question If it came to an end, could we really cope?

    I have just finished reading The Day of the Triffids for the umptenth time and it got me wondering. If civilisation as we know it came to an end how would those left survive and due to the technical world we have been brought up in, would that leave us even more worse off. Let me explain. That...
  16. Hands Up Who Paid for That...

    I'll admit it. I paid the full £14 to watch 76 seconds of boxing last night. I was fooled by a Jewish New Yorker who talked a good game, but failed to mark his words with any kind of action. After taking two attempts and a stripping to make the 10 stone weight limit, Dmitriy Salita informed a...
  17. sadsy

    Worst Injuries seen at Roots Hall !!

    Here's the starter : Michael Gilkes of Reading breaking his leg , slammed into the South Bank wall by Dean Austin I think.
  18. Mad Cyril

    Your starter for ten.

    Did anyone watch this last night? Mildly entertaining but it really annoyed me that the parts set in Southend were actually shot elsewhere (Jaywick - Clacton). Also, if you are going to shoot scenes set in Southend but filmed elsewhere it is probably a good idea not to feature any piers.
  19. fbm

    Hang on a minute... (rose tinted post alert)

    Look, rule 1 in business is always try and use someone else's money rather than your own. By deferring the tax bill, especially as HMRC charge interest on unpaid tax currently at 0% (or very close to it) it becomes a very cheap loan. I genuinely believe that RM was hoping to defer and defer...
  20. fbm

    Just suppose...

    Tilly believed Heath and White were going to stay. When they joined, Col U had a different manager. They've done well for us and have now been recalled, leaving us just one weekend prior to the window closing. Left back is the real problem position and Tilly is in talks with an out of favour...