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  1. Napster


    First player just popped, bought him a few weeks back as a batting trainee 16.Darrell Chuguel - 17 yo, BT Rating=3,590 RH Batsman, LH Spin Bowler. He is a steady player with worthless leadership skills and worthless experience. He currently has feeble batting form, proficient bowling form...
  2. Andy_S

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 0-1 Oldham

    Abysmal. Absolutely abysmal. That's the only way I can sum that up today. Tilly needs to show some balls sometimes, he really does. We're playing an average, mid table side at home and we set up with such a negative midfield. It's almost like we're playing Chelsea or something. The substitutions...
  3. Bob Cratchitt

    Happy Birthday...

    Wooly. I hope you have a good day and look forward to another Friday on the Pop. Note to self - Do not walk home in such a state this weekend, tacking on the pavement, just makes the walk so much longer!!
  4. Uncle Leo

    Your favourite non-goalscoring Southend moment

    Freddy vs Man Utd, Benji at Bury, Liverpool 1979, blah blah blah. We've had loads of chat on here about favourite moments supporting Southend but they've all tended to focus on great goals. But what is your favourite moment that didn't involve a goal being scored? For me, and I was reminded of...
  5. The General

    Yooooffff Pulls Week One

    Al Riley (2672564) Al is a RH Batsman and LM Bowler. He is an attacking player with worthless leadership skills and worthless experience. He currently has respectable batting form, respectable bowling form and fresh fitness. Plays For: General Stars Nationality: England Age: 17 Years Old...
  6. manor15

    Battle Of The SUFC Legends - The 3rd/4th Place Play-Off - Kevin Maher vs Chris Powell

    The consolation prize for the runners up of the semi's. No contest really! Only 24 hours to vote in this 1, so let the voting commence! Kevin Maher 1st Group A 75 Votes >> 35-32 Ron Pountney >> 44-43 Spencer Prior >> 41-77 Stan Collymore (Supported by the great manor15 King Kev began his...
  7. ESB's Champions League Run Down

    It's that time of year again. The time when the Giants of European football clamour together for one big orgy of tactical football and self-congratulation. yes, it's the Champions League group stages, and here is my run down of the groups and who to look out for. Group A On the face of it...
  8. manor15

    Battle Of The SUFC Legends - Semi Finals - Chris Powell vs Steve Tilson

    Vote for who is more of an SUFC legend in your opinion, poll closes in 48 hours. Chris Powell 1st in Group C with 102 votes >> 35-2 Peter Butler >> 26-6 Alan Moody (Supported by blues r best the attacking left back is a legend. End of really. But is he the greatest? He spent 6 years at Roots...
  9. manor15

    Battle Of The SUFC Legends - Quarter Final - Alan Moody vs Chris Powell

    Vote for who you want to win, 24 hours to vote. Alan Moody (Won 41 votes as he won Group C before beating Paul Sansome 14-10. Backed by Moridin he made a record 506 appearances during 12 years at the club) Chris Powell (Got the highest score in the group stage winning Group C with 102 votes...
  10. fbm

    Just how bad are things really?

    This isn't intended as a rose tinted post and I am certainly not seeing all things as sunshine and flowers as someone suggested on another thread. But at times like this it is very easy to be swept along on a bandwagon of fear and despair, with an awful lot of statements being made that are...
  11. manor15

    Battle Of The SUFC Legends - Last 16 - Peter Butler vs Chris Powell

    Vote for who you think is more of an SUFC legend please ladies and gents. Poll closes at midnight. Peter Butler (Supported by davewebbsbrain Butler won Group H with 39 votes. A strong centre midfielder he made 142 appearances or the Blues scoring 9 goals before joint Wet Spam.) Chris Powell...
  12. Jonny_Stokes

    Pre-Match Thread Southend-Orient: a sensible dicussion

    Right, let's have a proper chinwag about Friday. A couple of disappointing (but all too predictable) starts to the season for our two teams. Defensive frailty and a lack of natural width seem to pervade both sides, and each of us will be looking for Friday to kickstart our seasons. From an...
  13. Post-Match Thread and Ratings Hull City 3-1 Southend United

    My first game of the season and I was really impressed with our performance and the confidence our players displayed when in possession, despite the fact that Hull fielding a weakened side. Mildy - 5 - I'm afraid he was the one player who didn't earn his money tonight. He had pretty much...
  14. Slipperduke

    The Season's Most Definitive Preview

    All summer long I've been dreading this moment. The time when I have to stop procrastinating, stop talking myself into corners and finally sit down to write my annual predictions preview of the season. No word of a lie, I've been struggling with this all summer. I've never known a season to be...
  15. Napster

    Ian Benjamin

    Currently taking his son to a match in Bedford. As told to me by his wife.
  16. SUFC_Al

    Pops 8/8

    I said a couple of weeks back i was due some: Shvetang Shashidhar - 20 yo, BT Rating=43,578 RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler. He is a defensive player with mediocre leadership skills and mediocre experience. He currently has superb batting form, superb bowling form and lively fitness. Stamina...
  17. danburyshrimper

    Pre-Match Thread Looking positively solid

    ....................................MILDENHALL............................. FRANCIS.............M'VOTO.............HEATH...............WHITE ................................CHRISTOPHE............................... .......GRANT...................MACCA..............MOUSSA...
  18. BaileytheQuitter

    Remaining positive

    Even before I start writing this article I get a feeling it is hard to keep/get everyone feeling positive with the current situation of the squad/lack of signings. But we do need to remember, we do still have some good players, who can do a decent job. Okay. Steve Mildenhall- Massive...
  19. pickledseal

    Breaking News Revelling In It - 15/7/09

    Revelling In It Revelling In It This week starring: Alan ‘Peter Jones’ McCormack Steve ‘I just love football’ Parmenter Adam ‘Blue blood runs through my veins’ Barrett Anthony ‘Rocky Balboa’ Grant Steve ‘Big Bird’ Mildenhall An introducing (again)….. Lee ‘Birdsnest hair’ Sawyer Personally...
  20. Rusty Shackleford

    X-Files Special: Prince of Wales really is a Charlie

    From Mark Steyn writing on NRO: According to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, we only have 96 months left to save the planet. I’m impressed. 96 months. Not 95. Not 97. July 2017. Put it in your diary. Usually the warm-mongers stick to the same old drone that we only have ten years left...