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  1. * ORM *

    Random musings of a journeyman footballer

    Saturday 12th May sees me play my last competitive football game. That will have been 42 years of league football since my old teacher at Westleigh Junior School entered us in the Southend Junior league back in 1976. Since then I make it I have played for 16 different clubs in 15 different...
  2. Wordsworth convicted

    CP just tweeted a player has been convicted at court and given community service. Full story to follow shortly. i wonder who it is?
  3. Mad Cyril

    Sexual abuse allegations.

    With everyone from Kevin Spacey to local pop band Everything But Thieves being accused of impropriety should we wait until these people are convicted in court before destroying their careers?
  4. EU to decriminalise paedophilia

    It is reported that Mr Tindermann's of the EU Court of Human Rights hopes to force through an EU Directive that no photographs of convicted rapists, paedophiles and the like should be published in the media. This is to protect their 'human rights'. He hopes to get this on the statute book by mid...
  5. Swear Filter

    Please can you add "Ched Evans" to the swear filter so that it automatically changes it to "Convicted Rapist Ched Evans" Thanks xx
  6. rlb999

    Ched Evans

    Just don't understand why Sheffield United are getting involved with this. Yes, he's probably capable of bagging a few goals if they can get him fit, but are they really prepared to risk the credibility of the club on an issue like this? The only reason I can see why they aren't giving this a...
  7. Benfleet A1

    Labour The Lets Expose The Labour Party Wrong'uns Thread

    As some of those who like to post in this forum seem to really enjoy taking swings at UKIP, I thought it was about time the favour was returned in spades just to show that there are plenty of wrong'uns who nail their colours to The Labour Party mast. Here's a couple of links to be getting on...
  8. The Thursday Dilemma - Ched Evans

    If all of the circumstances were the same, it just happened to be Southend who had employed him and Southend who now wanted him back and playing. Would you sign a petition against him? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-28769026 Background: More than 60,000 people have...
  9. C C Csiders


    .....was the year the last time a serving British Policeman was convicted in a criminal court for an offence on somebody when in police custody/under arrest - despite over 900 complaints in the last ten years alone. Even then the original charge of manslaughter was dropped and the two policemen...
  10. londonblue

    Damilola Taylor Killer Released...Again

    What do we make of this? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-16722402 The guy has been released, broken the terms of his release, put back in prison, and now released again. He has also shown zero remorse. Should he be allowed out if he's shown no remorse? To me that's an interesting...
  11. Yorkshire Blue


    Asif and Butt unanimously convicted of conspiring to cheat
  12. Shrimpergarry

    Crawley Town and the salary cap

    I think it is broadly accepted that Crawley are already paying wages more than most (if not all) teams in League 2 on average gates of just over 2500. How does the League 2 salary cap work with regards to this? Will they be able to continue doing the same next season? I think the percentage...
  13. Lapland theme park brothers convicted.

    Cynical chancers or just a couple of dreamers that set the bar too high? The fact that one of them looks a bit like Ray Winstone can't have helped them much in court. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/dec/09/lapland-new-forest-nativity-trailer?INTCMP=ILCNETTXT3487...
  14. Clinton Baptiste

    Sawyer convicted of assault

    Just glanced at front page of the echo, Sawyer convicted of assaulting his ex-gf, escapes jail though.
  15. chadded

    Jeremy Kyle

    Watching at the moment, there is a woman who is pregnant by a convicted sex offender, and would rather have the baby taken away so that she can stay with the sicko. Disgusting....
  16. Slipperduke

    Cheryl Cole. Grrrr.

    There are a million and one reasons to dislike Cheryl Cole. There’s her colour, for starters, a curious orangey glow that smacks of either too much Sunny Delight or too many quid-a-minute South Shields tanning salons. There’s her husband, the odious little skraeling who earns more money in the...
  17. County's Web of Lies About to Unravell

    Just as the Notts County faithful were beginning to come to terms with their new found regality and success, it turns out Sol Campbell's departure might just be the tip of the iceberg that sinks them. Rumours are rife that the Football League aren't happy with the information disclosed by the...
  18. steveo

    Old subject revisited

    This boy: Was running away and was stabbed by these 3 people One of these scumbags had been given a community order for an attempted robbery. One was was a convicted cocaine and heroin dealer and also had convictions for robbery and possession of cannabis and the other was on the run from...
  19. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Ricky Otto

    Next up for election to the Hall of Fame is Ricky Otto. Ricky Otto had it all: skill, flair and funny looking hair. He was signed by B****y F*y for £100,000, a fee that seems suspiciously high for a Leyton Orient reserve. I won't make any libellous suggestions about brown envelopes...
  20. Ricey

    Pre-Match Thread Ricey's Report. Oldham Athletic 22/11/08

    Return Of The Kev! Saturday the 22nd of November brings Oldham Athletic to Roots Hall and the first and most noticeable point of their visit is the 2 match touchline ban that has been handed to the Latics manager John Sheridan for improper conduct. The unfortunate news for us Shrimpers is that...