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  1. Tommy2holes

    Genuinely quite excited.

    I don't usually get to excited at the pre-season stage but I think this year we have now assembled a squad not just to win games and push on up the league but one that will play great football. I really think we have a great team in place to manage the team and take the club foward. It would...
  2. Tommy2holes

    Strangely happy....

    Its bizzarr having been so high up in the league and looking at the auto spots for most of the season until our epic slump, i find myself not to dispondant. Even after the play off defeat when ordinarily i would be suicidal i found that im happy. I have really enjoyed the football we have played...
  3. DoDTS

    PL Table no.12 for the Southend Pl 14th December 2013

    THIS IS THE TABLE FOR SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE WILL FOLLOW Quite straigtfoward really bit off a non-event. Points 3 Chapperzuk everyone bu**er all. Table Chapperzuk has gained 3 extra points everybody else bu**er all...
  4. Was it a good things for sufc we did not make the play offs?

    Brown came in having 7 games to look at the team we had this season and highlight the problems. And there are many, as the team have been in relegation form for months now. If we had somehow got into the playoffs and got promoted I think some of the weaknesses of the team might have been glossed...
  5. fbm

    Breaking News Freddy SIGNS!!!!!!!!

    From the Echo - he hopes to sign contract by the end of the week
  6. the strollin shrimper

    Hi fellow shrimpers

    the strollin shrimper hear, just joined up to this great looking site. looking foward to plenty of informative lively humourous and i dare say some eyebrow raising debate with you all :winking:
  7. duncan bulgaria

    Interesting ??

    Just been fotball training with my Sat side and our Prolific Centre foward who scored 54 goals last season was telling us that Southend phoned him up to play for them agaist GWR the other week . Now don't get me wrong I rate my pal as a good player and at our level he is obviously a good player...

    Colchester away!

    Roll on the 21st of feb colchester away,thats something to look foward to ,this game is up there with the big games in my book.We had some great days out there over the years.Us older fans no whot i mean.
  9. Harold Bishop Killer

    Calm Down!

    Think everyone just needs to take a deep breath and count to ten. Yes the events of the last 24 hours or so are not great. But many on here will remember the dark, dark days. In comparision a small grey cloud over the sun that shines upon us these days! It is early doors yet - this is...
  10. Tommy2holes

    The 8 through the gate. Ron martins pipe dream...

    Not sure what season it was but it was probably under Newman when Ron Martin announced that in order for the club to move foward we needed 8k through the gate every week and get back to championship football. Now at the time we were bottom division had a conveyer belt of cack managers and the...
  11. SUFC V Forest Official Thread

    SUFC V Forest Official Thread*********************** Looking foward to this one

    We Will Be In The Dv Van Trothy next season

    And The Final Is At Wembley, Something To Look Foward To.
  13. Who will win the CL?

    my bet is on an english team to be honest... looking foward to the draw on friday which wil set it up nicely!
  14. No Desire, No Movement, No Skill!

    I know people don't like these sort of posts, but I'm fuming after getting back from one of the most depressing displays I have ever seen. I haven't read other posts so I'm sure there are other posts of similar nature. The players simply had no desire to win today against a below average side...
  15. Moving on to sunderland

    Lets put the last two games behind us and look foward to another big game with sunderland this saturday. I am hoping for atleast a point with 11,000 in attendance and a slightly changed squad. (ps) anybody know any good sunderland message boards as the rivals one is poor.
  16. bring on tuesday

    hehe, ive never looked foward too going back to work so much in all my life .......if we had f%&ked up there would have been 40 odd hammers , gooners and various other tw&ts waiting for me !!!! BOY IS THE SHOE NOW ON THE OTHER FOOT ! BRING IT ON ! BRENTWOOD HERE I...
  17. See you Saturday

    Looking foward to Saturday, although I have a feeling it is going to be your day. Very suprised you haven't sold out yet? Especially as many of your fans were asking for more tickets a few weeks ago. I have read a load of nonsense on hear today about safety fears etc on Saturday. Talk of...
  18. Man of the Match v.s Barnsley

    Personally, Marky Gower today. Tracked back on any loose balls, and was very defensive minded today, as well as attacking. A great all round performance today, and certainly an improvement from the last few games, and a goal. I think Goater was a close second, he may not be fast, but his...
  19. Just for your pleasure

    When Tilly took over this was the kind of ground we were looking foward to going to Now, dreadingly thank to that man, we can nearly look forward to watching southend play here next season and here!! and here thanks for nothing Tilson!
  20. chadded

    The real Col U view?

    Taken from the BBC Sport 606 message board. What a bloody embarresment. I have never seen a local derby with no bookings no nasty tackles and so little passion. Col******r were rubbish disorganised beyond belief and so little movement and communication that me and my mates were in disbelief...