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  1. MrB

    News you need to hear about....

    You know the stories, here are some examples.... Basingstoke Gazette Salisbury Journal BBC Somerset This is Kent Feel free to add any vital current affairs issues that everyone simply must be aware of.
  2. Clinton Baptiste

    HMV into administration

    http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/national/10161464.HMV_chain_calls_in_administrators/ Im sure many zoners like me will be sad at this news. Pre-internet this was the place to buy music. Comet, Jessops, HMV, they are falling like dominoes in the High Street. No doubt the one in Southend will...
  3. C C Csiders

    Hideous Christmas presents

    Just queued in HMV for some vouchers and the woman in front of me in the queue had bought two CDs guaranteed to ruin any Christmas; especially for the poor sod who is going to be on the receiving end of: Military Wives and Joanthan & Charlotte.
  4. Cricko

    The End of the High Street?

    With the imminent collapse of TJ Hughes following in the footsteps of Habitat, Jane Norman, the Moben kitchens group, which also encompasses Dolphin bathrooms and Sharpes bedrooms in the past 7 days and with HMV just about on the verge of collapse with their current fire sale, is the high...
  5. What are you playing right now?

    ...maybe not right this second but what's in your games system at the minute and what has been in it recently? Thought it might be a good way to talk about/get opinions on a few games that wouldn't otherwise get their own thread. I'm playing Aliens vs Predator on the PS3. I'd heard some...
  6. seany t

    Things I will really miss about record shops

    Because, let's face it, they're all going to shut, aren't they? The thing I will miss most is that random chance discovery. I actually don't mind being able to buy & download music as and when I want it and think it's largely great. But I've had so many great trips to record shops where I've...
  7. Jam_Man

    HDMI Leads - A warning for those that like me didnt know...

    Ive just bought a Blu ray player and went to Maplins to get a hdmi cable. £32 ! I didnt buy one and asked the 12 year old who worked there why they were so expensive and fair play to the chap he said dont bother, just go to HMV or somewhere and buy one for a fiver. I have therefore ordered 3...
  8. Pale Blue Dot

    is this any good?

  9. The Boxer Rebellion album (finally) in shops September 14th

    For those that are interested, this story kind of slipped out last week. We have done a strange deal with HMV, and they are releasing our album properly (not just distribution) on September 14th...never been done like this before. This will be followed by a load of HMV instores including Oxford...
  10. duncan bulgaria

    I'm Devastated

    Don't know what i'm gonna do this Christmas as was walking into Southend just past Westcliff with a load of cash in my back pocket and got into HMV in Southend and went to buy some DVD's etc and realised that some ****er must of swiped it from me or i have misplaced it somewhere . Just under...
  11. KrustyTheKray

    Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip

    Not sure if anyone has heard of them, or their music. But their simply superb, and local lads too. The album 'Angles' is well worth a listen. Scroobius, the guy with the Castro style beard used to work in HMV in Lakeside. Watch this clip of them singing to get into the X Factor. Quality...
  12. Which movie....

    ...do all these classic lines come from? I'm just a bloody normal bloke. A normal bloke who likes a bit of torture. Jimmy, if you keep stabbing me, you're going to kill me. Aw, look. The bloke's been my best mate since 1975. We've had our fall-outs from time to time. It's no big deal...
  13. Taking things back to shops

    Being a complete pussy, I've never taken anything back to shops, but my earphones have broken after a week (no sound in one ear, and sometimes no ears), so I'm contemplating taking them back. They were only a tenner, but they shouldn't not work after a week. Will HMV just give me another pair...
  14. Robbo

    Teamcard blues

    I don't think that too many people have been convinced by the new scheme: if you already have a season ticket you have first shout on tickets for cup games etc. anyway and the 5% "reward" is, if my maths is okay, a mere half of the discount that seasos were getting in the club shop. (On top of...
  15. DTS

    Do Men with Umbrellas work?

    Good Morning All, Yesterday lunch time myself and my work mate decided to take a trip from our base in London Bridge over to Liverpool Street. I needed a white shirt for a funeral I am going to and my mate Ben had £20 worth of HMV vouchers to spunk off. As we got outside it was spitting a...
  16. DTS


    WHO IS THE ROUGHEST ? My Neice has asked for amongst other things this Xmas a copy of Atomic Kittens greatest hits. Now I thought this would be a single but it turns out to be a album. I was looking at in in HMV the other day but cant bring myself to buy it for fear of the embarrsement so will...
  17. 20% off at HMV.co.uk this friday and saturday

    This Friday and Saturday (20th / 21st October) HMV.co.uk is offering you a 20% online discount*. Just use the promotional code: SQ1515 to save 20% on thousands of CDs, DVDs, games and accessories (future releases are excluded and terms and conditions apply.) This is a Friends-and-Family offer...
  18. Playing Musical Catch Up

    Birthday presents this week have allowed me to forget about impending middle aged by catching up on some missed albums (some of my spare funds that would have normally been spent on CD's going on spoiling my daughter instead for the last 9 months or so). First up, the new Belle &amp...
  19. shrimperman

    placebo - greatest hits

    absolutely blinding. dont usually do the 'greatest hits' thing but saw this at £4.99 in hmv and gave it a go. it was a good decision. placebo has not always been to everyones taste due to there unique style but this has an excellent selection of old and new. any thoughts fellow shrimpers?
  20. The Boxer Rebellion gig

    Seeing as other people have put shameless plugs up here, then I shall do the same. We are headlining 93 Feet East on Mon Sep 19th if anyone is interested. Tickets can be bought here http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user....ear=105 And if you want to buy the album, then you can buy it here...