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  1. Benfleet A1

    The Guardian Exposed

    The next time a link to The Guardian is rammed down your neck by those that would eat the rich, demand socialism and deny choice, then consider this. A list of Guardian contributors who demand equality for the downtrodden but have, of course, never experienced hardship and never will. I give...
  2. Transfer targets

    It seems that discussion of general targets/released players etc is happening across multiple threads. Here's yet another thread, but maybe a good place to discuss targets and players should look at. Who knows, maybe Phil will have a look! This isn't to replace threads where there is 'inside...
  3. Luton Town and potential problems.

    Hello to all, To reassure any doubters, we at Luton regularly take over 2000 away, and have done all through our conference years, I have attended most of these games, and I can assure you that there is never any trouble from our fans. Isolated incidents of a minority of idiots/kids stirring...
  4. Grant Shapps

    So nothing about this despicable ****? Not surprising I guess, the tories of SZ wouldn't want this story to gather momentum. Several major media outlets aren't running the story either. Strange eh! So he lied about having a second job while a fully paid MP. But in defence of that lie...
  5. Cricko

    Breaking News New Fanthesis Predictor.

    I admit first this should not be in this forum, but we need to do this people.. The demise of the BBC end of season Predictor is IMO a great loss. There are a few Prem ones out there but zzz. We have some very bright people on here who design websites etc ( Chapperz I am looking at you...
  6. Cricko

    Get a free council house for coming off benefits

    WTF is this all about....Honestly the government are losing the plot IMO. http://www.24dash.com/news/central_government/2015-02-12-Sector-speechless-after-Tory-plan-to-give-away-millions-of-social-homes
  7. leeblue

    Pre-Match Thread Southend United vs Accrington

    So now we are genuinely in a title/promotion push how vital is this game. Three points a must imo. Same line up??? I still think lenny should get a kick up the butt dropping. Other than that just feed the pig
  8. Pre-Match Thread Shrewsbury Town vs Southend United

    Another BIG away game and we MUST do better than we did at WW (when they were table toppers). Pleasant new stadium, good away end, fair stewards, ok pies; I wish I could be there. However more importantly what will Mr B do? Will he stay with the same line up? We don't have any new injuries that...
  9. Ricky Otto

    cricket world cup 2015

    So what does everyone think the outcome will be? For me there are only 3 sides that can win it SA, Aus and an outside chance for NZ. A lot of sides just can't handle the conditions (India, Sri Lanka) or are woefully out of form (WI). Pakistan don't have enough batting IMO. As for England I...
  10. Ricey

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 1-0 York City

    Finally a win and a goal at home!!! :happy: Closing in on the autos!! Post all reports and ratings in here please.
  11. Phil....please play the team by Chapperz !

    Phil have a look at the team Chapperz has suggested,this team Imo has the potential to destroy opponents and if used correctly(two up top always)we will fly up the table.Not fussed if we concede as I am convinced that team is full of goals. With Little Jack weaving his magic behind the front 2...
  12. Cricko

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 0-0 Daggers

    You know what to do people. Awful game IMO. Dull as dishwater and we lack zero ideas apart from hoof it. :zzzzz:
  13. Romford Shrimper

    Jack Payne

    I think it's time to give young Jack a rest this Saturday imo, he's not been as effective in the last few games, id bring him on from the bench against Luton, his fresh legs coming on with 20 minutes or so to go would kill them
  14. why the over reaction from some ?

    some of our fans are so fickle what the hell is this over reaction about? Tomlin didnt start scoring straight away. It baffles me apparently we are in a crisis this early on in the season. IMO someones in for a spanking very soon and i very much enjoy going southend now more than i have for the...
  15. Labour Dennis McShane: "Being a Guardian reading liberal leftie made me ignore child abuse"

    Dennis McShane: "Being a Guardian reading liberal leftie made me ignore child abuse" The title of the thread is a quote from the former Rotherham Labour MP Dennis McShane in a BBC interview - what are peoples' views on this?
  16. Barney's secret photo album !

    Lee must have funny pictures of Phil in order for him to get pitch time? Yesterday was either Lee's 19th or 20th appearance and still no goal from open play!,How much longer can this farce continue for?. Jason Williams must be thinking 'give me a chance gaffer I won't let you down' ! Who at...
  17. Gerrard set to retire?

    News conference today at 5pm ! For his club at times he was awesome and even when average he drove them on so IMO a very good club player!,Sadly whenever he pulled on the England jersey he was mainly average with the odd good game thrown in,This tournament was Defo one too many for him as...
  18. Lack of goals was the downfall !

    So 48 games played and it's all over with the club remaining in the basement division,Phil was dealt most of the cards and he was ok for the bulk of games yet to me the tactics were designed not to concede many! Phil told the SKY commentator he was a 1 0 man and the goals conceded backed up his...
  19. Levy sacks another gaffer!

    Mr Levy will not learn. Ok Sherwood was always going but he has the highest win ratio of any Spurs manager and was working with players obtained by AVB. Since Arry Tottenham have gone backwards whilst spending plenty.Levy demands instant success and he may be waiting for many years to get the...
  20. Mark Phillips

    With Egan and Sokolik looking really solid , Prosser chomping at the bit to get back in and I guess Thompson not too far away , do we think that Mark Phillips may have played his last game for us ? Now of course nobody knows what injuries etc may be around the corner , but with 7 ( and 3 more...