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  1. Rhys Murphy

    I work with a Daggers fan and he's just told me that Peterborough have reportedly agreed a fee with them for Rhys Murphy. He reckons it would probably be around the £400k mark. Worth noting as he'd probably be gone by the time we play them next Tuesday if that's the case. Seems a bit of a...
  2. Coaching kids..Fun or serious.

    Been listening to this particular debate where a football coach has been sacked for wanting his youngsters to win!,Imo too many grassroots clubs sign youngsters who should be no where near a football pitch mainly because they have nil skill and the manager will be forced to give them pitch time...
  3. Sturrock IMO DID NOT FAIL !

    Keep on reading about Sturrocks failure on here but I don't get it,The man worked miracles nearly winning promotion and reaching the clubs first Wembley final,How can that be classed as failure. Whoever manages this club have their hands tied,It's mission impossible..No funds,Embargo,Probably...
  4. Positives & Negatives

    What are your positives and negatives so far this season? Positives; - The football being played is brilliant to watch & a complete contrast to the last few seasons. I applaud what Sturrock did, but the entertainment factor was missing from his style of football, whereas so far it's been very...
  5. Red Card Roy

    Finally got round to reading the above while on holiday in Spain, and a fascinating read it was too. Apologies if this book has been covered before, but the following caught my eye ; McDonough thought that that Dave Smith was ‘a nervous odd bod’ who he described as ‘Mister Magoo’ (he was sacked...
  6. Romford Shrimper

    Freddy Eastwood song

    Now don't get me wrong, I quite like the current Freddy song, but why did we not just sing the classic du du du du etc? Why did we make a new one? Imo I prefer the old one, simple and easy, and sounds brilliant. Do you prefer the new one or wish we sung the old?
  7. Difference between Promotion and Relegation

    Its all well and good with regards to the out come of Barrys red card, however, if this wasn't overturned and we dropped points at hartlepool, Barry didn't play the next 3 games, potentially that could mean a loss of up to 12pts in all, which at the end of the season could mean promotion or...
  8. Cricko

    Stadium work to start in 4 months, I hope.

    Full interview in today's Echo, but RM states he hopes work will start within 4 months and has to begin this year. He also confirms that Southend Council will get no money at all until the retail side of the development starts and it is that which will fund the development of the second phase...
  9. Long away days & no derbies?

    2013/14 Our nearest teams for games in the league are AFC Wimbledon and Wycombe W? Not really rivals or local. We also have some very long away trips to the SW with Plymouth & Torquay; the NE to Hartlepool and NW with Fleetwood and Morecambe. With trips to Burton, Mansfield, Newport...
  10. Phil and his dodgy win ratio

    His overall record as manager is under 30% and his time at this club is 11%!,1 win from 8 does not forebode well and I honestly believe next season if the club reach the dizzy heights of mid table it would be a credible achievement yet I suspect we could easily be in trouble at the wrong end of...
  11. Cricko

    Let's do it for the fans.

    IMO they might have thought about this about 45 league games ago...*Yawn* http://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/article/220413-ryan-cresswell-787004.aspx
  12. Nice one Fred

    Since his return I have slated him on here,Yesterday Fred proved he still has got what it takes and IMO if he can get trimmer and fitter he could easily take the division apart next season.The bloke just has to want it for himself but can he do it week in week out? The footballer is in him just...
  13. leeblue

    Summer clearout

    So as we are now 100 percent looking at next season I believe a big old clearout is required. I am certainly not looking to start a big slagging off of players just an honest assessment of the team and where they as individuals and as a team have slumped from the team that obtained 83 points...
  14. leeblue

    Why my day at wembley was magical

    Ok here goes, in reply to the quite frankly OTT reaction to losing a cup final we had done amazingly well to get to let alone win the thing and some seemingly deflated people who had ridiculous expectations of the day. Awoken at 7:30 by my Dad banging on the front door singing wembleeeee...
  15. FarmdogSUFC

    So, what does the future hold?

    So, PS has gone. A great manager, didn't please all in his time here, but am sure most people will respect him for the way he conducted himself throughtout, never blaming results on the obvious when soo many others would have. But enough of that, the point of this thread is quite simply, what...
  16. Its not just injuries, suspensions...

    ...and Sturrock's "Tic-Tacs" that has F**ked Southend this year, but also the decision to not have any reserve team football. This year has proved, IMO, how important reserve team football is. Keeping "fringe" players, players out suspended, and players coming back from injury, vital match time...
  17. IloveShrimp

    Were were fortunate really!

    After the fantastic night that was Wednesday, I have to say that Luggy really got away with it imo. Both goals against us were down to two defenders who in my opinion at least one should not have been playing Barker and Phillips, also when Orient hit the bar it was down to Barkers defensive...
  18. Luke prosser

    Suspension to Cresswell ( who has been immense this season ) and the injuries to Phillips and Barker will obviously hit us for however long the three of them are out , but can I just say that I'm glad that Luke Prosser was back in the team on Saturday. I think he has really played well for the...
  19. superblue24

    The Ashes 2013

    Sooooo, anyone care to speculate on the biggest sporting event of the year? England massive favorites on Betfair. I wonder if it will play that way.....Maybe I (along with others) am being paranoid what with it being Australia. You never know what they'll produce. Michael Clarkes form has...
  20. Breaking News Britt signs new deal at Watford

    Signs a new deal at Watford. Well deserved IMO, if we go up maybe another loan deal for us, but we've been lucky to have him this season.