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  1. Cricko

    Breaking News Fans Forum with the Club - THIS Weds 25th Jan

    Hi all, I know this is a bit premature with the festive period coming up ,but we still need to sort names and numbers out and for those that wish to attend, or to put the date in your diaries. After the success of the last one another Fans Forum with Tara Brady, Paul Sturrock and Graham...
  2. Uncle Leo

    Player Sponsorship 2011/2012

    All, time to do the draw for the two prizes for our 2011/12 sponsorship of Sean Clohessy. To remind you of the prizes available: (1) Lunch at the training ground, where you would meet Sean and get a signed shirt (2) Two tickets to a home match of your choice with pre and post match access to...
  3. Greebosan


    Hi everyone, just moved round the corner and hope to be attending all the games I can this season. Also had the pleasure of meeting Lou Cosetello (remember him?) last night when he came to pick his wife after darts! :smile:
  4. Cricko

    Breaking News Tonights Fans' Forum

    I was told this late last night and I have just had a chat with the club so apologies for this late message. The Meeting tonight will be held in The Blues Lounge and not The Shrimpers Bar....It still starts at 7pm and for those that do not know the location of The Lounge in the ground, go to...
  5. TrueBlue

    Memory Lane My trip to East Fife

    Just wanted to do a review of my East Fife trip as I can't express how much of a good time I had!!! FRIDAY: all started 10am in the roebuck in Rayleigh straight into things with 2 pitcher ****tails 1 woo woo and 1 cheeky v followed by an epic full english then joined by Wallace - Gareth and...
  6. Uncle Leo

    SZ/TZ Player Sponsorship 2011/2012 - Sean Clohessy

    All, I have just confirmed with the club that ShrimperZone/TravelZone will once again be sponsoring Sean Clohessy. For those hoping to get someone 'bigger' it's important to remember that other sponsors, who spend more than we do, get first refusal on players, hence why Neil Harris (for...
  7. Scotland Tour Hospitality

    Hi Folks I hope we will see lots of Shrimpers at Bayview next month. The matches will start at 1.00 and 3.30 and admission for the day will be £10.00 - but see below for a really good deal. We've put together a package for hospitality for either or both days. The details are below along with...
  8. Sherif H

    Live Speedway Chat - Danish GP (tonight from 6pm). Get involved Speedway fans!!

    Hi all, For the Speedway fans amongst you (and those keen to learn a little more about the Sport), join us for another session of good-humoured chat and banter, whilst taking in the delights of the Danish Speedway Grand Prix from Parken Stadium. The chat starts at 6pm tonight to coincide...
  9. Napster

    Memory Lane Ex-Shrimpers Challenge L v F

    Squad L ... Manager: Uncle Leo GK: Lawrie Leslie RB: Keith Lindsey CB: Leo Roget CB: Mike Lapper LB: Lou Costello RM: Martin Ling CM: Alan Little LM: Jimmy Lawler F: Lee Barnard F: Les Stubbs F: Harry Lane Squad F ... Manager: MilkeySUFC GK...
  10. Uncle Leo

    Ex-Shrimpers Challenge - Letter L

    Ok, a few off the top of my head, a few more from SUFCDB. No formation or such like yet, just listing players by the four main areas of the field. Goalkeeper Lawrie Leslie (double L!) Defenders Leon Cort, Leo Roget, Mike Lapper, Lewis Hunt, Leon Johnson, Keith Lindsey Midfielders Alan...
  11. Sherif H

    Live Speedway Chat (tonight from 7.30pm)

    Hi all, For all Speedway fans (and I know there are a fair few of you sneaking around on this fine board!!), I run a live Speedway chat session every Monday on my website, Speedway Fans United, from 7.30pm, to coincide with the live Sky Sports fixtures. You need to register to take part....it...
  12. Uncle Leo

    Player Sponsorship 2010/11

    All, I have just received details from SUFC regarding player sponsorship for this season. Prices seems reasonable, so we'd like to give it a go. Here's the plan. The sponsorship, which will run in the name of ShrimperZone.com, will be split in to £10 'shares'. Each share gets you an entry in to...
  13. Uncle Leo

    Player Sponsorship 2010/11

    All, I have just received details from SUFC regarding player sponsorship for this season. Prices seems reasonable, so we'd like to give it a go. Here's the plan. The sponsorship, which will run in the name of ShrimperZone.com, will be split in to £10 'shares'. Each share gets you an entry in to...
  14. Memory Lane Pubey's trip down memory lane

    I don’t know why, I guess I’m just getting old, but yesterday I had a real sense of nostalgia. I spent the evening thumbing through our wedding album with Mrs Pubey, a regular pastime, and my eye was drawn to a family who have been ‘family friends’ all my life. They were...
  15. Rob Noxious

    Sexy Football

    Today brings an encounter which Ruud Gullit would surely describe as "sexy football." It's Brazil v Holland ... this promises to be one beautiful game, though I'd wager that the Dutch would need to go a bit ugly in order to win it. This Brazilian side have combined defensive solidity to their...
  16. Rob Noxious

    'The Road To Binfield Pier'

    Me and The Captain have been discussing a homage to Orwell's 'The Road To Wigan Pier' with some contemporary musings on the state of the nation today, based on our social encounters and exchanges with our public. To set the scene for this one, I wish to tell you how The Captain once taught your...
  17. Boozer recommendation

    Worst timing ever given the clubs predicament but my stag is on saturday and myself and 10 other jocks are coming down for the weekend including a visit to Roots Hall. Have booked out the collymore lounge so we can have some food, beer, betting etc before the game. Any pubs nearby you can...
  18. Napster

    Spotted at Gatwick

    Tuesday morning at about 6am, in the departures lounge. The one and only Rob Newman. I saw him, he saw me. He wanted to be recognised, as no-one else recognised him. I think he wanted me to say hello, he kept giving me glances as if to say, yes, it's me. But I couldn't think of an opening...
  19. TV Help

    So, I'm taking the plunge and buying a spanking new TV. I'm going with Sony, purely for brand reliability and I'll get an extended warantee. What I want to know is, is there any real benefit of going for a 200hz Full HD TV over a 100hz? Both being LCD Screens, I have to decide whether to go...
  20. * ORM *

    I'm sick of Southend - I'm off to the Orient !

    Ok ok - panic over currently on my third glass of red In the Cathay Business lounge waiting for the 1805 to take me out of this godforsaken hole for a few weeks. Off to HK until 19th December with a short trip home inbetween. Haven't been to HK for 4 years and can't wait. Will also be taking in...