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  1. Floval Flyer

    Any Toyota or Diesel Specialist Mechanics on here?

    Not sure if this is the right area, so mods please move if needed... I need help with my wife's Toyota, it is a MY2008 Verso T180 D4D About a year ago we started experiencing problems with v.poor MPG, and poor performance with the car eventually going into 'limp' mode. I booked it into a...
  2. BrettieAngell


    Some complete ****ing tosser was clocked doing 154mph on the A11 and as a "punishment" he received a 56 day ban! Should be 2 or 3 years IMO. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-36963826
  3. Driverless cars - a moral conundrum

    Here's an interesting one: It's the year 2026 and Person A is in a Driverless Skoda. Lovely and safe. However, there's an accident up ahead, the car is doing 30mph and the computer has two options... a) Save the driver and run into and probably kill 10 pedestrians. b) Swerve into a wall and...
  4. Self driving cars

    Now, it's not inconceivable that in 10 years they'll be everywhere - however I still am a bit nervous about hurtling along the M1 at 70mph, trusting a computer to get me to my destination in one piece. Call me a dinosaur, but I'd rather trust the destiny of me and mine to my arms, legs and eyes...
  5. The Big Shrimp

    Road Travel To Bury

    Just arrived in Manchester and thought I'd warn anybody driving up to be aware that there are potential delays due to roadworks either side of the M6 toll roads starting South of Coventry. When moving it was 50 mph average speed cameras all through it. I'm writing this from the comfort of my...
  6. southchurch

    Bristol Rovers Will it be 0-0

    Rovers were hammered 4-0 last game up and were beaten at home 2-1 by Dagenham the game before that. This from their forum. One man to blame and one only. John Ward. I like Harrold,in the right formation. Ploughing a lone furrow up front on his own with long balls pelted at him at 100mph or 20...
  7. Weather Watch

    Amber alerts and 80 mph winds apart, is anyone aware how the pitch is holding up? (he asks having already purchased both match and train tickets)....
  8. superblue24

    The Flag Corner

    This week, we can expect a colourful array of dark blue and red at our hosts venue. Note how the dark blue dominates the red in a 3 quarter design. I'm sure our corner takers on the day will not be disappointed with such a feast of designer genius facing them as they are called upon to create...
  9. southchurch

    Official Match Thread Brentford v SUFC FA CUP

    Brentford V SUFC FA CUP REPLAY Winner to play Chelsea Weather forecast for this evening is 1/0 degrees, NW west wind 4mph. Brentford board all predicting wins from 2 to 4-0 Vast majority of southend board predicting same result. awaiting teams
  10. Its Only A Game

    Anyone had dealings with "The Road Traffic Group"?

    These people are really bugging me now. I had a small knock in my car a year ago when i was stationary and someone hit me at about 5mph. My car didn't looked damaged but as it was a company lease vehicle I had to get it checked at the local audi dealer. They pass all this work onto another...
  11. superblue24


    My Dad once told me when I was very young "The main thing to remember when you're old enough to drive is to treat everyone on the road like they are an idiot". I've been driving now for 16 years and I would pass that same advice on to others in a minute. I wanted to vent my ongoing frustration...
  12. tice_18

    "Moped Cars"

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/20451602 As of next year, this car will be legal for 16 year olds to drive on the road with a moped license. Personally I think its a stupid idea: 1) Who in their right mind would pay £9,999 (plus insurance!) for a years use of something which isn't even a car...
  13. Driving

    Ok so yesterday I drove back from my sisters house in London up to Sheffield. This basically involves 140miles of the M1. To make it more 'interesting' I like to play a game. So basically, you drive slightly faster or slower than the speed you want to go at. So I normally like to drive at 80 in...
  14. Go-Karting team bonding today.....

    Anyone else seen Mark Phillips' tweets tonight? Made me chuckle..... MP: "So ill tell one funny story from go karting today.....race is over an its last corner after a long straight so i decide to go for it so i floor it and try to do this 180 turn with out breaking half knowing id loose...
  15. Onion_Bag_Dave

    In need of a car!

    Recently had my car written off on Saturday night. Some genius in a massive Toyota pickup truck decided to smash into me at 30 mph ish whilst I was going round a corner, blatantly was drunk and he drove off (scum) BRILLIANT! But basically, I'm in need of a car as it is how I get to Uni everyday...
  16. mattytheshrimper

    Car help needed

    Hi I have had a problem my renault clio where for weeks it will be fine then all of a sudden a orange light appears which looks a little like the heater plug symbol. it basically doesn't allow to get much over 30mph and getting upto that speed takes a lot of time. it was a case of turning the...
  17. Interpol Shrimper

    8mph Boy Racer ASBO

    I just hope the film crew for Police Interceptors were out last week too... BBC News
  18. Moody Blues

    How fast are your reactions?

    THIS IS GUARANTEED TO DRIVE YOU MAD!!! The driving manual says the average driver's reaction time is 0.75 seconds........ or 1 car length for every 10 mph...... Test your average reaction time. Be very careful this can be addictive. Click on the link below and good luck...
  19. southend4ever

    John Terry Entourage of Jokes

    Enjoy! JT has signed up to star in a new TV show. It's called Other Footballers' Wives. Ashley Cole was caught doing 104mph in a 50mph zone. When questioned by police as to why he was speeding, he said: "l've just heard JT is parked outside my house!" England manager Fabio Capello...
  20. southend4ever

    The Driverless Taxi

    See the bbc website for video footage and commentary. There is no direct link that I can find on BBC. This is weird! A taxi that reaches up to 25mph which reaches its destination by computer control and laser sensors. This was only a matter of time. This is being tested at Heathrow Airport and...