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  1. conehead12

    Why all the talk of us getting relegated?

    I admit that it is not looking good but we are still only one win away from getting out of the relegation zone (I do know that our g.d is ****e but hopefully it won't hinder us). If we can beat plymouth, then I am 95% sure that we can get out of this as the lads will perform against Luton and...
  2. Flinty

    Lets Have Belief

    Come on lets believe...its not over yet and there is plenty to play for Luton...Down in my opinion Leeds have Ipswich at home, Deby and Southampton away so i can only see 3 points here Hull have Plymouth at home Cardiff and Stoke away..again only 3 points in my opinion leicester have...
  3. CC51DAS

    Don't give up hope yet

    Now I know you are all going to think I am mad , but we can still get out of this . Clutching at straws I grant you but we were hopeless against Col Ewe and then came out fighting at Preston .Expect more of the same next week. IF we can beat Plymouth , Leeds and Hull both have tough games ...
  4. Quality is sadly missing from our Team = Disasterous Season

    I felt a bit sorry for Harold Today as I thought he worked his socks off and gave 100% which is all you can ask but the Crowd never got off his back the whole Game ,unfortunately it's plain to see that he is lacking quality and is definately not a Championship Class Striker .This is clearly...
  5. Can't Sleep

    I don't know about anyone else but I have been up since 5am this morning - can't sleep, feel sick about today's game I am so nervous. I even prayed this morning for about 20 mins. I so hope we perform and win today and prove that we can stay up. Another Preston performance PLEASE!!!
  6. Freddy Injured ??

    All this talk about Should he be dropped ? ( No IMHO ) Are we a better team without him ? ( No IMHO ) may be irrelavant as Freddy did not appear on the training ground today . Maybe he was having some treatment on his back spasms . Also a source at Boots and Laces ( who has been 100 %...
  7. Flinty

    Are we a Better 'TEAM' without Eastwood

    Just mulling this through my mind the other day after the Preston game and just reading Glasgow's match report he sort of touched on it. The question is are we a better 'team' without Eastwood in it? Before anyone start i do accept that he is our best chance of goals, yes he is gifted and...
  8. Interpol Shrimper

    Scouts at Preston game?

    Anyone in the know, know if there were any? I heard very strong rumours that Hearts were sending scouts to every Championship game on Monday. Confirmed by this I am guessing: - Hearts plan to buy British With a number of our players having SPL links, I am just wondering, if the worst does...
  9. CC51DAS

    So who do we have to thank for this exciting end to the season ?

    A few suggestions ..... Micheal Ricketts - for screwing up our close season plans -we even gave him the number 9 shirt FFS.... Lulu Guttridge -- for being a little **** stirrer and missing a sitter at Leicester after gifting QPR a goal from a needless free kick .... Karl Donogood - his...
  10. Cliff Pavilion


    I was surprised but extremely pleased to see we took 700 to Preston on Monday. After the previous two games, a very, very long journey and on a Bank Holiday I think it proves how far our fan-base has come in the last two years. At Ipswich one of the home fans was over-heard to say we were the...
  11. The (Very Long) Diary of a Happy Fan

    Tuesday 3rd - Just come back from the pub, nice chat with Ron Mack, told him that I couldn't afford any more trips to watch the Blues this season, especially as out of 5 trips I had managed 2 draws and 3 defeats. Friday 6th - Incredible, just told my son that I hoped we wouldn't give away an...
  12. Interpol Shrimper

    Preston v Southend - match report

    Sorry, it's a bit late but this is the first chance I've had to do the official SZ match report for yesterday. It is often said in football that the true test of character of a team is how they bounce back from a demoralising defeat and if a vast majority of supporters were highly critical...
  13. Southend v Preston Goals

    Morning Guys..............................ENJOY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkmxDDWPwJ8
  14. My 20 hour day to watch the Blues

    Alarm went off at 4am, had to be at Stansted by 5.30 to get the 6.45 flight to Blackpool. Was in Blackpool by 8am, had a walk along the seafront. Blackpool is a really great seaside resort and would have liked more time there(maybe they will go up and we can play them next season). Arrived in...
  15. To those who went to Preston...

    ...I salute you sirs :)
  16. North End eye witness report

    Well, two goals from Maher and one from the Preston reject, a result that was at no point during the game predictable, yes, the game was enjoyable. Several days of fine sunshine turned to drizzle today in anticipation of my journey to the game. I left home just before two o'clock expecting...
  17. Match report vs Preston

    Match report now online on Longpier including comments from Tilly and Maher. And don't forget your chance to win a ticket for the absolutely crucial Barnsley game on Saturday, all on the blog
  18. Shrimpersunited

    Well done Tilly!

    Steve has finally realised that results have not been going our way and has pulle dhis neck out to make a massive 4 changes to the team. Bringing back Barrett to replace Sodje, Harrold to replace Bradbury (this was a good mave as Harrold offers more going forward rather than Bradbury holding the...
  19. secondalibi

    Preston penalty??

    Just a quick question. Peter Clarke was booked in the first half and then gave away the penalty on 79 mins for handball. My question is simple. A penalty or a free kick can ONLY be given for handball is the offence is deliberate. Therefore if it was deilberate handball....why wasn't he booked...