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  1. Tommy2holes

    Who in our team is good enough??

    Who in our current team is actually good enough to play for the club? Just an honest question because i think we have a lot of dross who would struggle to find another league 1 club. Mildenhall: Good enough, and a decent keeper at this level. Barrett: Good enough, captain for a reason. He...
  2. Tommy2holes


    Yesterday was the lowest attendance of the season at 6,600 odd . It seems apparent the the general negativity of the club and the sale of key players is now starting to hurt Ron Martin in perhaps the only place that we as fans are able to, in people voting with there feet. I have a feeling...
  3. Pak Power

    Laurent pushing for promotion ?

    Francis Laurent is looking for a promotion push in the second half of the season. This may be a tough ask, and will depend on weather we retain players like Barney, Francis and Macca. Link http://www.tribalfootball.com/francis-laurent-friendly-visit-southend-contract-563151
  4. TJC

    Question Questions for the consortium

    Thought we could gather some questions that would be useful to ask the consortium about their intentions. Not that they will get asked or answered, but just a gathering of thoughts/concerns etc. To start the ball rolling: If you are just buying the club for £1 with no assets, what are you...
  5. Trescothick Suffers Groundhog Day Again

    The news that Marcus Trescothick failed to overcome his demons to compete properly in the Champions League Twenty20 Trophy is desperately sad, but all the more tragic is how predictable this was. Trescothick is essential to any hopes of success Somerset harboured this Summer and went to great...
  6. Matt the Shrimp

    Dara O'Briain on football...

    Very amusing excerpt from a piece on the Grauniad website by Dara O'Briain. I love his analogy about the Victorians codifying fire or the wheel... :D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Football Sorry, you didn't invent it Preston football club's ground, Deepdale, is home to the National Football...
  7. How Do You Solve A Problem Like KP?

    All summer it's been obvious something hasn't been right with Kevin Pietersen. In so much pain he couldn't walk down the stairs throughout the Twenty20 World Cup and pumped so full of cortisone he'd be oblivious to a gunshot wound during the first two tests, the news that Pietersen requires...
  8. Slipperduke

    Toon Need Three Years

    Here on Tyneside, the hangovers are just beginning to clear. Sunday night may have been spent at the bar, defiantly pledging allegiance to the cause, but Monday morning saw the fuzzy-headed realisation that there will be no more trips to Liverpool or Arsenal for a while. Instead of Premier...
  9. number11

    Random Article on Youth Set up

    Was looking for something else and stumbled across this article on the youth set up in 2000. All sounds very similar to what we are hearing these days, with the 'Score' team sounding like the development deals we now have.....have things really changed that much?! Soccer: Babes to give...
  10. OldBlueLady

    Chairman's Blog 12th May

    Chairman's Blog I believe I have now answered all those questions – either singularly or combined – that have been sent to the Club’s media department. There were one or two “stragglers” but these points were covered in earlier responses. I have yet to come to a...
  11. Slipperduke

    It's His Own Fault

    I love Carlos Tevez. If you're anything like me, still immature enough to allow your mind to wander with fantasises of being a professional footballer, you'll know why. Tevez plays in exactly the same way that we would, were we ever given the chance. He is whole-hearted, brave and dedicated. He...
  12. Jermaine Defoe's brother

    has been killed in an attack... Jade Defoe, 26, suffered serious head injuries in a brutal assault on Monday afternoon in Leytonstone, east London. He was taken to a central London hospital where he died on Friday night. The attack took place between 4.15pm and 5pm in Walnut Gardens, near the...
  13. OldBlueLady

    Pre-Match Thread Brighton v Southend

    Don't know if you want this to be a Pre-match thread or Official MD thread Mods, I'll leave it up to you to decide. We've had a predicted score one but not teams. Scannell apparently has a virus and is not travelling (bit of a sicknote isn't he?), Walker, Revell and Freedman all still out...
  14. OldBlueLady

    BBC Predictor

    It's that time of year again, 8th for me http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_2/predictor/default.stm Can't see us doing any better than just outside the play-offs this year, have to allow for a couple of defeats and a couple of draws out of what we have left. I do get us 4...
  15. Breaking News Ron's blog 24/02/09

    Whilst the rest of us were watching the match, Ron was emailing us his latest thoughts: I want to begin this week by thanking all our supporters who were able to attend the match at Colchester this weekend. The 1800 or so who made the journey across Essex showed, once again, what passion is...
  16. Question Team for Saturday will Francis be dropped for Clarke

    Will Francis be dropped on Saturday for Clarke or should Barrett I would like to see him retain his place.
  17. fbm

    The Foran issue - my take.

    Firstly, I don't know what he has done in the past and frankly I don't care. It's nothing to do with me. But whatever it is, we have to bear in mind that the people paying his wages for whatever reason are happy to not include him in the matchday plans. That was clear from day 1 of this...
  18. Captaincy

    Instead of or additional to the traditional bottle of champagne, how about appointing previous game MOM to vice captain of the day in the next game - to be given the honour of officiating in the centre circle, in recognition. The Club Captain to retain other on the field responsibilities/duties.
  19. Slipperduke

    Terry's Touch Of Class

    If there were any question marks still lingering over John Terry's suitability to captain England, they were blown away in Berlin with a moment of grace and humility that is all too rare in a game poisoned by money and egos. Terry could have explained away Germany's comical equaliser by blaming...
  20. Aberdeen Shrimper

    BT cut another 10'000 Jobs this morning

    Very scary time at the moment not least in the job market. Telecoms group BT says it expects to have cut 10,000 jobs by the end of the financial year. The cuts will mainly affect agency and contract staff and offshore workers. And forget about whether General Motors will be able to retain...