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  1. Napster

    Seasos around you

    Come on spill the beans,.. http://www.theguardian.com/football/when-saturday-comes-blog/2016/feb/10/respect-season-ticket-holders-stadiums?CMP=share_btn_tw
  2. Daggers (A) on Boxing Day

    Our 1,200 tickets go on sale to seasos from today. One ticket per cardholder. General sale from Weds 12 Dec. http://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/article/231112-dagenham-redbridge-ticket-details-505236.aspx
  3. Gate for FA Cup Vs Oldham

    Great to see the numbers increasing on the gate Saturday. How many do we think will come Saturday? Just a tenner (or fiver for seasos), looked to be a big line forming for tickets after the game Sat.. I'm going for 7-8k. The magic of the third round is looming!!
  4. Sherif H

    The Blue Voice - Some suggestions

    I sat in the BV section today, forgoing my usual season ticket spot in the South Upper...I also persuaded two of my fellow seasos to make the move. I am all for a singing section, and at times today, we saw the best of the Roots Hall Roar, but its got to be said, people will be put off making...
  5. Tommy2holes

    Crowds for next season

    Now i like everyone else is getting very concerned that we have not plugged the gaps from last season. My point is that we have been able to sign good quality signings on the back of good runs in the cup and league and healthy league gates of 8k+ per game. How do you think having a weaker...
  6. Robbo

    Teamcard blues

    I don't think that too many people have been convinced by the new scheme: if you already have a season ticket you have first shout on tickets for cup games etc. anyway and the 5% "reward" is, if my maths is okay, a mere half of the discount that seasos were getting in the club shop. (On top of...
  7. Shrimper2thecore

    A few questions on season tickets

    I was wondering if anyone can help. Obviously to take advantage of the low rate, season tickets must be purchased by saturday, I have the following questions as I am at Uni and its very difficult to get back for then: 1) Does that include saturday? 2) Do you have to buy them in person if you...

    Went to ticket office at 7oclock and was 1st in the que got out of there at 9.45am happy as larry,when i left the que was back down to the north bank,and there were still non seasos in the que lol bring on united up the blues
  9. Winkle

    Its a funny old game!

    Its totally amazed me today, how many phone calls and E.mails Ive had today asking if I can get tickets for the big game! Now not one to rock anyones boat but if I could have got more than the one thay are allocating for seasos, the last people I would want to by tickets for are glory...
  10. Bandana Boy

    Hi lads/lasses just thought id write a post at my anger at the bloke yesterday in the south upper above east corner flag(row C). Right where shall i start.........he abbused everyone who basically he wanted to abuse.........in otherwords the kids and adults smaller than him(as he was quite a...
  11. Season Tickets

    This had probably been asked and answered before, but have the seasos been posted out yet? My dad's expecting one but he's not got it as of yet, was wondering if any of the non-renewing seasos had received theirs.
  12. Palace Tickets

    Allocation of 2900 £25/£15 on sale 9:30 Monday - 1 per person to seasos only
  13. Happy Shrimpers in the Spread

    I did a bit in the Spread last night and despite England losing the thoughts of the mighty SUFC kicking off in a few weeks was no1 on the agenda for those present. A good night was had by all , I even caught two blokes in the Gents talking about "forth-coming away trips to new...
  14. Season Tickets should go well

    Off on holiday soon and won't be back until 1st of June , so I dropped my seaso renewal form in this morning and judging by the length of the queue in the Ticket Office we should sell tons of seasos for next year. There were loads of people applying for new ones and they seemed to out-number...
  15. sufcintheprem

    Where do you STs sit?

    Right then seasos. As Saturday looks like it could be one big circus coming to town, could you let all us non-seasos know where you are going to be clogging up gates with your swipe cards that aren't swiped? That way, we can all direct ourselves to other stands in order to try and ensure...
  16. canveyshrimper

    Tickets for Yeovil

    The bloke who sits behind us in the East Stand, although not a seaso is a regular, and buys his tickets up to 4 weeks in advance and normally for 3 or 4 games as he has a concession. Last night a bloke was sat in his seat when he arrived, on comparing tickets the both had the same seat number...
  17. Col U tickets

    Just been down and got mine and they have only sold 120 ish so far, so non seasos should be ok for one!
  18. BREAK IN!

    4 seasos and a kit?!!!