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  1. Evening Echo

    Paul Sturrock

    SOUTHEND United manager Paul Sturrock insisted he decided to change goalkeepers for Saturday's draw against Torquay in a further bid to freshen up his side. More...
  2. Jam_Man

    Home and Away records: Brown vs Sturrocks 83 point season

    Found this interesting. We currently sit 9th in the table on home record and 2nd in the league away. In the 2011/2012 season, our best season since relegation to League Two we finished top of the away table and 7th in the home table. So some similarities there, both managers doing well on the...
  3. Jam_Man

    Team Photos

    Anyone know where I can get decent sized team photos? Ive mamanged to get the last two years and one of Sturrocks but struggling to find any online for any previous years.
  4. Romford Shrimper

    Sturrocks squad vs Browns..

    Looking at Browns squad this year compared to the squad PS had when we lost out in the play offs, which would you prefer? The likes of Hall, Grant, Mohsni, Dickinson, Clohessy etc.. Or are what we have now? Which is stronger?
  5. Attending Games: Entertaining football Vs. Results

    After the thread about booing Sturrock, I've been thinking, what do people prefer, honestly? I wasn't a massive fan of Sturrock, but had & still have a lot of respect for the man. He worked a minor miracle. But that doesn't take away from the fact, he's brand of football was absolutely dire...
  6. Sturrock IMO DID NOT FAIL !

    Keep on reading about Sturrocks failure on here but I don't get it,The man worked miracles nearly winning promotion and reaching the clubs first Wembley final,How can that be classed as failure. Whoever manages this club have their hands tied,It's mission impossible..No funds,Embargo,Probably...
  7. Lets move on!

    Can we all please stop this Sturrock would've done better than Brown bollox. The Season is over with Sturrocks team. He brought all of these players in during his time with us. I'm not buying all the Sturrock love in. Yes he seems like a top man who has left with great dignity, yes he done a...
  8. leeblue

    Summer clearout

    So as we are now 100 percent looking at next season I believe a big old clearout is required. I am certainly not looking to start a big slagging off of players just an honest assessment of the team and where they as individuals and as a team have slumped from the team that obtained 83 points...
  9. Austin the Shrimper

    Time to move on

    So it's been a crazy few days, PS out and back in for Wembley and PB in as our new boss. The General vibe on here has been pretty negative to the situation and especially to Ron Martin, which is nothing unusual. This is the place to vent and to post your views but now I believe it is time for...
  10. Romford Shrimper

    Sturrocks next club

    If he joins another team for next season will he come back in the transfer window for some of the current players?
  11. Sad day

    Sad day for our club. Been a supporter since mid seventies and looking forward to probably the biggest day in our history and this joy has now been tainted by uncle rons poor decision, and what's more make us the laughing stock of the football league by bringing mr sturrock back for the final. I...
  12. Question Sturrock or who????

    So, loads of you are calling for Sturrocks head, but, seriously, who would you want to see come in and take over? We have no war chest, the players get paid late so motivating is a constant problem, Barker admits the boys are worried about off field issues, they have families & mortgages too &...
  13. Alvin Martins Barmy Army

    Our home performances this season are on par with Alvin Martins. What i saw tonight was a disgusting embarrassment to SUFC. Makes me feel like not renewing my season ticket. Fed up with Sturrocks consistent crap football and results this season. Please do the decent thing and resign.
  14. Streaky

    Latest Rumours Sturrock to Plymouth....

    Carl Fletcher lost his job at Plymouth today, with Sturrocks connections to Plymouth i thought he might be one of the favorites.... but thankfully Skybet have other ideas - not even on the list. Next Permanent Manager Any manager in charge for 10 competitive games will be deemed permanent and...
  15. Sturrocks Superblues

    PS has assembled be it with loanees a fun footballing outfit,They are powerful and their work ethic is outstanding with at times sublime football thrown in for good measure a real joy to watch in recent games. Gillingham and Vale will be tough to catch but there is a long way to go ,Autos are...
  16. TrueBlue

    Echo Not Banned

    For exposing the potential deal with with Tomlin - Apparently Sturrocks got the raving about it To be fair I agree to a certain extent if this deal falls through because of the Echo I will be ****ed!
  17. RobM

    Dad as manager, son as player at same club

    Obviously the Sturrocks and Webbs, but how many Dad Manager and Kid Player pairings have been successful?
  18. DTS

    Question If you had the power to decide Sturrocks future

    If you were given the ultimate choice over Sturrocks future what would you do? Personally whilst I am gutted about last nights exit from the play offs and I feel PS didn't really perform in the 2nd half of the season I feel we improved on last years position and got to avoid points tally. The...
  19. You, who do you hate?

    Is it; a) Fat crook Evans. b) Fascist Wet Spam scumbag Di 'C*ntio. c) A.N. Other (not to include Dick Bate/Ron Martin/Sturrocks Paul & Blair/Drewe Broughton).