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  1. Season Tickets

    Given that the fans are likely to be forking out a fair bit of money in March/April on the final at Wembley, would it not be good idea for the lubto extend the deadline for Season Ticket sales? I would love to get a season ticket next season but with the Wembley final, I'm not sure I can afford...
  2. Really need peoples help!!!!

    I go to every home and away game although I cannot make midweek away games due to work! However I am going to book off a tuesday night but can only afford one! As a non STH what do you reckon my chances are of getting an away ticket for Orient? Can't choose whether to miss the Brentford game and...
  3. TrueBlue

    Carpet Cleaner

    anybody got one I can borrow?? Cant afford to rent the rug doctor as skint.
  4. Straker tribunal

    I've just read on the OS that tomorrow there will be a tribunal to settle the fee as Southend and Aldershot could not agree on a figure. Can we afford to pay anything ? What happens if we don't agree ? Can we give him back........................:winking:
  5. Should Martin be listed

    Iam begining to wonder if David Martin should now come off the transfer list .In the last games he has started he has put in a good shift for the club .In truth he had not put in the performaces he should have done . But over the last few weeks he has started he and Hurst has put defences under...
  6. Shrimperstrust

    Trust & ShrimperZone Meeting with Ron Martin

    Ken Jarvis representing ShrimperZone and I (Paul FitzGerald) met with Ron Martin on Tuesday night to try to clarify the state of the clubs finances and the status of the FF development. Not hugely surprising but our meeting with Ron turned into a double act. Steve Kavanagh came across well...
  7. Question Granty, ambition and finance

    I see Grantie is settling in well at Stevenage and doing well for them; best wishes to him. I also note that they are 3rd in the table and have gates of the 3,000 only. How can they afford Grantie and how does he feel playing for a smaller team in front of such poor crowds? Borough can survive...
  8. Latest Rumours You heard it here first.....

    Should be signing a youngster called Emile Keyway on a free (afterall that's what we can afford) Ment to be out of this world... More details to follow.... :)
  9. Ref Watch ...... Northampton away

    A short Refwatch this week as there is little to say about tomorrow's referee. He is Stephen Martin from Stafford and this is his second ever match as a League referee. His previous Southend appointments have all been as an Assistant Referee. His card count in the Blue Square Conference last...
  10. TrueBlue

    Unemployed Price

    Been to Bury before and they had this and also noticed this at Orient You pay concession price if your unemployed i.e by showing your signing book when purchasing a ticket. Personally I think its a good idea having been unemployed its a fight to be able to afford to go to games but in the...

    PL Cup SZ PL 2012 Christmas Cup

    Hi everyone, and welcome to the 2012 Christmas Cup .. in a short while i'll work out some fixture rounds but before we get to the knockout stages we need to get to the requisite 32 players To do this i will be taking the scores from the opening two rounds (vs The Posh and Stanley) and picking...
  12. The Freddy Fund?

    Just an idea to run over people and get opinions. I myself would love Freddy to sign for us again. I also understand that the club has to run by a budget. The last thing we all want is another scenario of a few years ago. As an idea how would people feel about donating to a signing on fee for...
  13. Rattus Norvegicus

    Question Clubs in financial difficulties

    I see the BBC are reporting that Exeter cannot afford to keep some their existing players. I wonder how many teams in the division are financially clinging on with their finger nails. Southend ............. errrhhh, enough said already. Accrington - putting a team together on a pittance of a...
  14. Liam Dickinson Let Go

    Can anyone shed any light on reports in the Daily Mirror that Dickinson is leaving because the club can't afford to extend his contract? Cheers in advance for any news.
  15. rlb999

    Femi Orengua

    Released by Everton. A classic example of why smaller clubs will not win. Prem teams can afford to buy 20 Femi's at the age of 15, release 18 of them 3 years later, and keep the 2 they are interested in. Meanwhile lower league teams get stripped of anyone in their youth team who genuinely has a...
  16. Will Eastwood sign for us?

    So Eastwood is now a free agent.. Having watched him over the last games of the season I've seen nothing to suggest league 1 teams will come knocking on his door - maybe a move to us will suit him, and give him that extra time to get back to full fitness - but will he want to come? can we...
  17. Will Freddy sign full time?

    Maybe depends on which Division we're in but even if we went up can we really afford him. Unless numerous players make for the exit door and Fred possibly admitting he can no longer hack it in the Championship. Will Fred sign permanently?
  18. Latest Rumours Loan Window Thread - 5pm deadline today!

    Ok so we all know PS will be looking to bolster our front line, my question is who is out there that will def score goals and that we will be able to afford?. Do we go for broke and pay that little bit extra (if we have it ) and get someone in that will produce the goods. It's a gamble I know...
  19. steveo

    Occupy somewhere else you losers

    So Occupy London are now looking for somewhere else to occupy. Well good riddance to bad rubbish. One of these ***** was on Five Live this morning describing himself as a Professional Protester. So who is paying him? And more annoyingly, why don't one of the spineless BBC reporters ever ask...
  20. thenobster

    Question What if.........................we get promoted?

    Can we afford it? The back bone of a new squad would be required on higher wages that we may not be able to afford. Would the crowd increase significantly thus bringing in the revenue? Could we afford to wait an extra year whilst the new ground gets built? Now I admit my finger isnt on...