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  1. Embargo

    Are we still in an Embargo we have now brought in two players under 2 year contracts and Phil Brown talks of another may follow soon .So we cant afford to pay the players it is said . yet players still sign contract .and corr and Prosser signed new contracts . So what is the state of the club...
  2. players coming and going

    Now am I right in thinking contracts finish on the last day of this month . And from what I read we can bring in freebie player and loan players from the 1st of july . Now before you all shout me down is it just possible that Brown and penny has a list of players who they might be able to call...
  3. Jam_Man

    Tomlin and Pre-Contracts - A myth according to the Football League

    We have been told by people on here that the likes of Tomlin has signed pre-contract with Gillingham months ago. I have raised this with the Football League as it wasnt clear whether a pre-contract can be signed 6 months or a month before the contract expires. The answer is below: So there...
  4. contracts

    What time line is there for players either signing a new contract .Or quiting the club . And when can we sign new players ahead of next season . I have seen bits and bobs on new players coming into the club .But nothing seems to be said on the main site on either players leaving or coming in .
  5. Jack Sampson

    Contract not renewed at Bolton. Official BWFC ‏@OfficialBWFC6h Adam Blakeman, Jack Sampson, Alex McQuade, Joe McKee, Lewis Fielding, Ben Hampson and Ben Dennis will not have their contracts renewed.
  6. Who will brown release/retain

    Just wondering who you feel brown will offer new contracts to seeing the likes of Bentley, laird, Leonard, corr all out of contract
  7. Question youth team

    having seen crewe have a successful youth system, and hearing that ours isnt that bad, i was wondering, does anyone know who is in our youth team, and what type of contracts their on at the mo
  8. OldBlueLady

    Michael Timlin

    Good to see him walking around with no crutches, no plaster cast and smiling yesterday. Really hope that he is one of the out of contracts that is re-signed.
  9. ryansm05

    What would they be worth now?

    Just curious as to what people feel our Championship side would be worth now. Seeing players such as Jordan Rhodes moving for a potential £8m, Nicky Maynard at a quite modest £3m and the same with Leon best, Matt Mills, Mackail-Smith, Beckford, Nugent etc. not to mention Leicester spending £1m...
  10. Cricko

    2012/13 Squad and Contracts

    I thought it was worth starting a new thread for this season. As it stands today. GK: Dan Bentley 2013 Luke Chambers 2014 DEF: Sean Clohessy 2013 Ryan Leonard 2013 Peter Gilbert 2012 Bilel Mohsni 2013 Chris Barker 2013 Mark Phillips 2014 Luke Prosser 2013 Graham Coughlan 2013 Anthony Straker...
  11. Rattus Norvegicus

    Question Kalala and Gilbert

    Am I right in thinking that the contracts for these two players expired at the end of June? There has been no announcement on the official site (but that is not unusual) so are we to presume that they are no longer on our books?
  12. fredheim_holm

    2011/13 Squad and Contracts

    Updated: GK: Dan Bentley 2013 Luke Chambers 2014 DEF: Sean Clohessy 2013 Ryan Leonard 2013 Peter Gilbert 2012 Bilel Mohsni 2013 Chris Barker 2013 Mark Phillips 2014 Luke Prosser 2013 Graham Coughlan 2013 Anthony Straker 2014 Ryan Cresswell 2014 MID: Michael Timlin 2013 Jean-Paul Kalala...
  13. southchurch

    Has the Wee Birdie been watching and listening.

    Has he noticed that the two teams that pass the ball the best are in the final of the Euro's. Did he see that the most competent passing teams and those that held possession for the longest in league 2 last season were the 3 promoted. Did he listen when loyal supporters told him to change the...
  14. The Reasons Why?

    A wee birdie told me to explain why certain players not signed up yet. Our new chief exec and the gaffer have been on holiday and the physio is also sunning himself. Plus some of his targets are holidaying and negotiating over the phone. Which means one or two of the main ingredients for players...
  15. Anyone know why there's lack of info on official club site?

    Hope this is okay for my first thread. It has been quite obvious since the unfortunate play-off defeat that there has been a lack of updated news regarding the first team on the Club's official site. Without the risk of being accused of fishing the last time there were such delays it led to...
  16. Planning Application extention

    Planning Application extention+ Changes to plans /council meeting report 26 Jan 2012 I couldn't see this mentioned anywhere else, I can't remember now exactly where we are and whether this was expected /old news or what , so apologies if old/non news Andrew Meddle Head of Planning and...
  17. Calvin Candie

    Football Manager 2012 - SUFC players out of contract

    Just seeing if anyone else is having the same problem with me when playing as southend. Im top of the league and with 3 months to go before the end of the season a lot of my main players like granty, dicko, JJ , Pablo counuago and hall amongst others, are out of contract at the end of the season...
  18. Mr Yorkshire blue

    Why am I being negative. I believe if we hold onto our existing players along with several additions we might just find ourselves back in the Championship inside 3 years. But its a 3 year plan.# And the contracts of Kane and Hall expire in 18 months so they'll only be here halfway through the...
  19. Slight concern

    Hi Guys. First of all this effort is not designed to provocate nor put anyone down. My concern is there has been no talk of new offers being made for Barker, Mohsni and Grant when there current deals expire at the end of this season. Also the contracts of Hall, Ferdinand amongst others are up...
  20. Steve Tilson

    Breaks my hearts to have to post this in 'Ex-Shrimpers'.... Now the Tilson-era is over, what do you consider to be his greatest achievement at Southend United Football Club?