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  1. Budget destroyed....why?

    Yes I know I've banged on and on...but it's beyond a joke now. We are Southend...not some moneybags outfit,yet season after season we sign these ex high flyers,for what purpose,they rarely deliver and they eat the budget whole. We have 5 players at least who earn very decent money...why on...
  2. Firestorm

    Memory Lane Andy has the Ansah

    Was the headline 25 years ago tomorrow, after we had destroyed Ossies Newcastle to go, albeit briefly, top of the Old div 1 One of the great Roots Hall games. How different. things may have been if Vic had backed Webbys ambition , we may have been founder members of the Premier league
  3. * ORM *

    Putting the Great back into Britain

    For those doom merchants after Brexit UK Retail Sales showing huge positive growth.UK GDP back in line with expectations. UK manufacturing had one of its biggest monthly jumps in 25 years. UK consumer confidence up. The pound starting to show signs of strengthening. Britain doesn't need Europe...
  4. Palmyra

    For months we have been told this ancient site has been systematically destroyed by IS. Today it has been revealed the actual damage is....virtually zero! Western propaganda at it's finest,trying to scare everyone in the western world that IS will kill us all ! For the record I personally...
  5. Lenny - our saviour?

    Re Ryan Lennard Every match thread/pre match thread/ why are we playing crap type thread keeps stating phrases along the lines of ' this shows why Lenny is never droppped by Brown'. I like Lenny and agree that he is our best midfield player, but some of the posts seem to suggest that he is...
  6. fbm

    Bit of goss

    From a source within the club, although not directly to me but a mate I trust. The Bolton consortium want Brown and we have Chris Powell lined up as a replacement. Apparently a done deal. Personally I can't see it; Bolton already have a decent manager in Lennon and Ron would normally go for...
  7. Reality check !

    Ok we were destroyed by Millwall,but the truth is we only need 15 points from 23 games to guarantee safety in this division. Our main aim has IMO always been to gain 52 points ASAP,once that target is achieved then we can see where we end up,promotion or the play offs is not impossible but some...
  8. Shrimper

    Phil Brown - Tactically spot on tonight

    He got it spot on tonight. I would probably have brought Weston on a little earlier but he got the subs right. Stevenage were knackered, Weston destroyed them. Good team shape as well, get the ball to Corr and hold it up. Superb stuff Phil.
  9. Ricey

    General Boxing Thread

    To save filling up the fight of the year thread with off topic stuff I thought I would start this. Interesting GBJ your views on AJ, I thought from what I've seen albeit he has had some pretty easy fighters but he looks the business and will go onto be one of the best heavyweights in the world...
  10. londonblue


    So, so far the two countries that won the 2018 and 2022 bids have been cleared. The only countries that have been criticised are ones that didn't win. BBC Does that seem suspicious to anyone else? (Ignoring the fact that Russia didn't supply any email accounts because the computers had been...
  11. Ipod tunes "crackling"

    I've noticed that songs on my Ipod have started to "crackle" like an overplayed vinyl album....now surely this is impossible? My headphones are brand new, so can rule out them and it also does it on my Ipod dock at home - and it's only certain songs. Any ideas or have I just destroyed technology?
  12. Kevin Hogg

    Going against popular opinion.

    EVERYBODY (including me) has been crying out for the pace, energy and enthusiasm of youth in the England team. 2012 we looked completely out of ideas and just managed to grind results before losing on penalties to a team that destroyed us..but drew the game. Since yesterday morning all the...
  13. Coaching kids..Fun or serious.

    Been listening to this particular debate where a football coach has been sacked for wanting his youngsters to win!,Imo too many grassroots clubs sign youngsters who should be no where near a football pitch mainly because they have nil skill and the manager will be forced to give them pitch time...
  14. Who's your favourite other posters....

    Simple enough, who from this Forum, do you look out for, who makes you laugh, who do you agree with etc etc... I've got a fair few, many of which I'll now forget, but... In no particular order... Swiss Tony - a great poster & a pleasure to speak to in real life. Dick Bates's Protege - same...
  15. DTS

    Your 5 most loathed people in SUFC history.

    Reading MtS and Kent Shrimpers hatred for Barry Fry has got me rattled too. So I am looking for everyones top 5 most loathed people in SUFC history. They can be ex players, managers, chairmen even the St John Ambulance as long as they are or were on the SUFC books. Bit of rationale for the...
  16. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Freddy Eastwood

    With Freddy there's only one place to start: has there ever been a better debut? I very much doubt it, and I include fiction in that. Scoring after just 7.7 seconds of your professional debut against the top of the table team before going onto complete your hattrick is the type of story that...
  17. Brother and sister in lift romp

    http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/3792109/Brother-and-sister-in-lift-***.html The photos are brilliant!! [/SPOILER]
  18. Blair Sturrock Sci-fi Q&A

    Blair Sturrock Sci-fi Q&A General Questions Do you believe in aliens? The universe is vast and endless there has to be ET’S running around somewhere. Do you know any Klingon? Heghlu’meh QaQ jajvam = today is a good day to die Do you have a copy of Star Trekkin by the Firm? Sorry to say...

    Memory Lane On this day ... 10th March

    Plenty of memories for me here, notably anti-hero Tilsons first goal for the club verses champions-elect Wolves, i'm sure this is the game where Paul Clark destroyed Steve Bull in the first 5 minutes escaped with a booking and rendered the usually lethal Bull a mere passenger, a 2-2 at Blackburn...
  20. Tommy2holes

    Pre-Match Thread Southend united v Gillingham JPT trophy 1st round

    Well what a difference a year makes. This time last year we would have been not overly bothered about this tournemant and would have been eyeing up another shot at the play-offs and a route back into the championsip. Gillingham respectively would have been looking to finish comfortably...