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  1. Ffs

    This week should all be about getting behind the team. Saying a player is not good enough on a week leading up to a really important game is unreal. Yes people have their views but if you want to slag off anything about out club wait 2 weeks. Some of our fans are complete muppets!!
  2. SUFC_Ross

    outrights 13/14

    Premier league- chelsea championship- Bolton League 1- Wolves League 2-?? SPL-Celtic SL2- Rangers these are my predictions so far, any hint on league 2 would be grateful, got a feeling in my gut oxford will do it, dont ask me where I plucked that from because I haven't a clue, this leagues...
  3. The crush at the end

    Dont know if your aware but the steps next to blue voice section had a massive crush at final whistle. I was at the bottom of it with 2 other lads one was John Campbell and the other I dont know. However all 3 of us was on the floor and the stewards should of opened the gates instead of...
  4. Smiffy

    Have we turned the corner 1 year on?

    Cast your minds back to July 2010. The negatives: We had just been relegated to League Two. We had just lost Steve Tilson. We had been in court several times that season. Players were going unpaid regularly. Pretty much all the squad had gone and we were in danger of not fulfilling our...
  5. Could we not arrange a ShrimperZone meeting with Ron and Tara

    Following on from last night effort from some fans in challenging Ron, can it not be arranged to have a meeting with Ron and Tara to get some real answers Some of the questions I have read is unreal
  6. Liverpool away

    Looking forward to seeing the youths at Anfield tomorrow night and only £4 to get in!!! Result. Leaving at 9am and cant wait in what should be a cracking day. Sitting in THE KOP singing southend songs will be unreal. Liverpool youth team are averaging 3 goals a game this season so could be...
  7. MisterStubbs

    Andy Gray

    Is it just me, or does anyone think its about time Sky Sports got rid of that useless, so far up some clubs arses its unreal, Andy Gray? I mean the guy talks rubbish all the time and is so bias sometimes when commentating on some clubs. Its about time they change/replace him with someone else...
  8. GregStarz

    My Quick Opinion / Travel

    Well, we was totally outclassed by a better team and it seemed to me like Coppinger is the new Joe Cole. The stadium was pretty impressive although the stewards are stupidly strict and pretty silly but overall wasn't too bad. The support was absolutley awesome, to think of chanting, bouncing...
  9. TrueBlue

    When we score....

    Bring back Zombie Nation?! DJ Otzi is soooooooooooo gay and cheesey its unreal!!!
  10. Sign this petition for a HERO.

    SUPPORT A HERO!!!! VC hero Gurkha Tul Bahadur Pun has been banned from living in Britain 'because he has no strong ties with UK'. Pun single-handedly stormed Japanese machine-gun positions during the Second World War. The Gurkha’s extraordinary act of valour won him royal admirers and...
  11. Ricey

    Top Gear Is it Going Down Hill?

    I personally thought car wise it was cack but entertainment value was fantastic!!! Hammond's crash was unreal! Real Funny but not the top gear it used to be.
  12. Best player to visit the Hall this seasom?

    Bale for me was by far the best player i've seen visit us this year. The amount of acceleration he has to go with a sweet left foot is unreal for a 17 year old. Sadly I think it will only be a matter of months before he heads off the a Champions League side. It's a shame, players like...
  13. KrustyTheKray

    A truly inspirational story!

    Read this story about a guy and his handicapped son, it's unreal what this pair have achieved! Anything is possible after you read this and watch the youtube video at the end. A trully humbling tale... Amazing!
  14. Paul Hunter - Snooker player

    RIP Such a terrible shame. Leaves His Wife and young daughter who was only born last year. To die at the age of 27 is so sad and unreal. It would have been his 28th birthday on saturday. God knows what his family must be going through Rest in peace Paul.
  15. andrew_sthnd


    ...if all you intend to do is slate our own players and subject them to constant abuse! I was sitting front row of the south upper in block I and all i could hear from a group of guys a couple of rows behind me was "jcr is a f*ckin waste of space" "paytner was disgraceful on...
  16. Afew things im not happy with

    Some of the things im not happy with might well be minor things but these are simple things the club should be able to get right! Firsty, last season on DVD. All the other clubs bring out an end of season DVD showing the highs and lows of the season thats just ended during pre season. We are...
  17. We are goin up!

    Never have I seen Southend in such a great position as we're in right now! To be honest its going to take something really unbelievable for us to not get promoted to the championship now. Its interesting that afew weeks ago the Swansea and Col******r fans were looking at us hoping to...
  18. overseas shrimper

    Nice One Blues World!

    BW has been much improved of late, but today was unreal. The feed stopped for a bit at half time, and what do we get when the feed returns? Bloody Col Ewe commentary of all things!!!!
  19. Matt the Shrimp


    So folks, how did we all get on this weekend? I won 7-0 whilst PiC, so I'm obviously delighted with that. Poor home gate, though... only 25,000 or so. My fans are so fairweather it's unreal. My new midfielder is definitely coming to the boil with all his stamina training - 5* for him...
  20. KrustyTheKray

    DJ Spoony on Radio 1 Yesterday!

    A few Southend fans sent text's into his show while i was driving up the M4 to Cardiff, it was great to hear He said Southend have got to travel miles where Wrexham could walk to the stadium. Coming back wasn't too bad other than a traffic jam on the M4 just before the M25 Junction...