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  1. fbm

    Dru Yearwood

    What a great first season he's had but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here... we've been here before with promising yoofs. Frank Moussa? Kane Ferdinand? Both had oodles of promise, never fulfilled it. But lets just say he is the "real deal". I don't think it'll be us that sells him...
  2. Supershrimper

    Question The Southend death warrant

    Just seen that Karl Robinson has left MK Dons after losing to Southend. How many other managers have got the chop after losing to us?
  3. RHB

    This made me laugh

    Came across this on Wiki when looking for something else. So descriptive it's untrue: Egg Banjo Egg Banjos are so ingrained into the life of the Army that they warrant an entire thread on ARRSE; Egg Banjo's, God's Own Food A sandwich made from (usually) half stale white bread, spread on both...
  4. Tangled up in Blue


    http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/aug/01/conservative-voters-ukip-coalition-poll A new poll suggestst that 30% of Tory voters would like to go into coalition with UKIP after the next election. No suprises there then.It won't happen though. With only one or two MP's, (and hopefully...
  5. It's all beyond me !

    The rumour that PB applied for another job and the rumour he demanded 6 months money upfront is plain crackers,So why did Ron want him?There are many hungry managers who would have put their heart and soul into the job and be a lot cheaper into the bargain,The club could have appointed from...
  6. yogi bear up the cagire


    .............Thank you for all 39 seconds. No, you're probably right, I wasn't interested in seeing the players coming out to a nearly full Roots Hall, nor the Morecambe goal, nor the sending off incident. To warrant the three-quarters of the match, where there were 22 players on the pitch, the...
  7. JoshC

    iPod warranty

    Quick question, I replaced my iPod the other month as It was water damaged. I've got a warranty on the new one, will I get away with taking back the old one on the new warranty or is there a way of telling. There's no sign of a serial number on the reciept but j don't know if they would have...
  8. Who's Going Home In An FA Sponsored Aston?

    With just 90 minutes of football seperating the thirty prospective England internationals from South Africa, which seven unfortunate players will find themselves on stand-by? Michael Carrick: Unfortunately for the Manchester United midfielder, England have a relative embarrassment of riches in...
  9. TV Warranty

    Just looking at buying a new tv from Amazon (LG 47LH3000). Does anyone think its worth buying extended warranty or know any good ideas of where to get it cheap? I know John Lewis do 5 year free but unfortunately they don't do this TV and Richer Sounds have been getting bad reviews. Any advice...
  10. Moussa in the middle?

    So the mooooose got a run out in the centre today for 20 odd minutes. Question is, how well did he do? Listening to the radio, which obviously isn't the best way of gauging a players performance, it seemed like Moose was terrible in the first half, but came into his own when switched to the...
  11. TrueBlue

    Question Francis

    Is Francis good enough to warrant his place?
  12. hindle_666

    85 full time staff??????

    Heard a rumour last night that we have 85 full time staff at the club and got me thinking does a club our size need this? Obviously some of the lowest earners will lose their job IF we go into administration unfortunatly(bar staff,call centre etc),the people at the bottom always seem to be...
  13. manor15

    Stadium vs Signings

    It's a sticky situation. Do we save money for the stadium or do we use money on players? Personally I believe you need a stable squad playing at a good enough level to warrant a new stadium, after all what's the point of having a new stadium if we can't sign the players we want and get relegated...
  14. Rusty Shackleford

    Free Speech? Not Here Mate

    As a Jewish person, I found the internet postings of Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle regarding holocaust denial extremely offensive, but do such things really warrant a five year jail sentence? And why have harsh punishments such as these not been meted out to Islamist hatemongers? Here's the...
  15. pickledseal

    Breaking News Team Card +

    Team Blues + Southend United are pleased to announce the details of next season’s Team Blues membership schemes, introducing Team Blues + the brand new upgraded membership with many exclusive benefits. Team Blues membership proved extremely popular last season with members receiving priority...
  16. Slipperduke

    Barton Pushes His Luck

    Sorry chaps, forgot to upload this last night... Well, that didn't take long, did it? Just one week after his composed, match-winning performance against West Bromwich Albion, the halo above Joey Barton's head began to slip. Like all the best horror films, the metamorphosis from man to beast...
  17. Slipperduke

    Film website

    A friend of mine is setting up a movie website over the weekend and he asked me to write a review of a film that, in my opinion, has been ruthlessly over-looked by critics and cinema audiences alike. He's very eager for material and I know that there's a lot of immensely talented writers on...
  18. Slipperduke

    Klass-Jan Huntelaar

    While England’s footballers sulk in their sun-loungers, the rest of the continent will be contesting the 2008 European Championships. Iain Macintosh, who still won’t allow the word ‘McClaren’ to be uttered in his home, runs the rule over some of the potential stars of the summer. This week, it’s...
  19. * ORM *

    BT - Nets review please

    Well - waddya think to the following please? Certainly a few with poor concentration. Am I wasting nets anywhere please ? Thanks. My all rounder is shaping up nicely - oh and home is a dusty surface ! 1) Bernard Hastings (1267514) LH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler, competent batting form, superb...
  20. DTS

    Do Men with Umbrellas work?

    Good Morning All, Yesterday lunch time myself and my work mate decided to take a trip from our base in London Bridge over to Liverpool Street. I needed a white shirt for a funeral I am going to and my mate Ben had £20 worth of HMV vouchers to spunk off. As we got outside it was spitting a...