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  1. Ron Manager

    Danny Baker is back on 606

    The original, and by a million miles the best, host of 606 ever is back. Danny Baker is doing a series of shows over Euro 2008, starting tomorrow. You just compare the shows he used to do with the anodyne crap it is now.
  2. sufcrocks

    Just saw this on 606.........

    leedsunited.ytmnd.com/ Thought it might cheer us up on a wet and windy morning, all credit to the original poster though....
  3. OldBlueLady

    Imposter alert!

    Ok, maybe not an imposter, but someone appears to be posting on 606 as "OldBlueMan" and is making all sorts of quite impossible allusions to an association with me! :O I have no idea who they are, well, no, not correct, I have a suspicion but if anyone would like to 'fess up convincingly then...
  4. OldBlueLady

    Alternative (mini) league table

    Quite like this end of season table! http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A35617845 Well done Southend!
  5. seves

    Leeds fans at it again....

    Those loveable Leeds fans are at it again over on the BBC! comment by Loveableleeds we are already safe no team below us are going to overhaul us forget it think about: 1. if we get any points back, can we get second place? 2. if not, who will we get in the playoffs? and 2b. where do I want...
  6. OldBlueLady

    New stadium compilation

    Don't know if Kent Shrimper wants to add this in under the YouTube lot, but one of the guys on 606 has come up with this montage for the new stadium which he's trying to promote so I said I'd put it on here for him - so big up for SUFCFans for a good effort! http://youtube.com/watch?v=Oym36Ojqzeg
  7. Awards

    Was just browsing 606 and saw this about Leeds but i thought i would post here aswell to get your views. Who is your player of the year? Signing of the season? (since season began) Game of the season? Chant of the season? These are what i think. Who is your player of the year? Nicky Bailey...
  8. Interpol Shrimper

    And we think our "fans" can moan.....

    ...Forest 606 rant I don't know how Old Blue Lady & the other recent recruits from the 606 forum ever coped before they defected to SZ? Reasonable article and understandable why they're disappointed the wheels have come off thier automatic promotion campaign but some of the condescending...
  9. shaneyshrimper

    Can you believe It!

    Not again i thought, but oh yes again. "Eastwood back to roots hall" stated in the BBC 606 website for Southend United. Another rumour about our dear departed Mr Eastwood coming back. I would pull my hair out (if i had any). Mr Eastwood, we dont need you now, we have Walker and Barnard. UTB
  10. Barnard. Free?

    Currently playing forSouthend Signed on 25-01-2008 Fee Free Squad number 19 I know a couple of figures have been chucked around with no definite answer. But if soccerbase is correct then that's a damn good bit of business (it is anyway it appears so far) for Lee Barnard from Spurs.
  11. newbie from bbc 606 saying hi

    hi all,i c u have OBL (old blue lady and bishmania) from bbc 606 on here so i thought i would join the gang. hope my nemisis of barsidebob and davewhatshisface dont come across too anyway hi all
  12. Signings

    Hello all, Long time poster on BBC 606 forum, Long time reader of this one and finally have had the enthusiasm to register. :angel: There's been a lot of discussion about Tilly's signings and yes, like every manager, he has had a few duds, but here is a list of nearly all (as many as I...
  13. stevie_G_G_G

    Hopkins v Calzaghe

    Joe Calzaghe vowed to end Bernard Hopkins' illustrious career when the two men came face to face in London to hype their Las Vegas super-fight. The undisputed super-middleweight champion will fight Hopkins at the light-heavyweight limit on 19 April. "This will be Bernard Hopkins' last fight,"...
  14. Self-Righteous Brothers

    For those of you who listen to talksport and 606, I would like to ask a question. Does every West Ham fan that gets on to the airwaves sound like a cliche-ridden self-righteous loathsome ****? Standard bon mots from our ****-ney chums (emphasis on first syllable) : 'We won the World Cup'...
  15. I'm a newbie; hello to all!

    Well here is my first thread! I am a South Lower family section man with plenty of kids in tow at home games, cup games etc. My twin girls (7) really enjoy going but one was mortified we sold JCR, hmm - after the Barnsley game I make her right! TBV is very welcome and we appreciate there...
  16. BaileytheQuitter

    Barnard...From a spurs POV

    "As a Spurs fan who also watches the reserves, I've seen a lot of Lee Barnard since he joined us. He's got the heart of a lion, will chase all day to turn a half chance into a chance. He was scoring goals for fun up until just over a year ago when he got a long term injury. He was rated by...
  17. BT - Season 9 wages and 1st round Cup Draw

    Wages up from 67,223 to 96,757, so not too bad. Drawn at home to a Level VI bot in the Cup :D Mrs BB's wages up from 53,102 to 83,606, and she's been drawn away to a Level VI bot
  18. Kenny

    Newcastle fans, impatient?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A31313981 :thump:
  19. roots hall atmosphere - not so bad after all?

    Been a lot of stuff on here recently about lack of atmosphere at the Hall but I found this thread on BBC website where an Arsenal fan, a Spurs fan and a West Ham all say complimentary things about it... so though it may not be as good as it has been in the past, it sounds like its a lot better...
  20. Tilson - SUFC best ever player

    according to the beeb... http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A29619147