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  1. shrimpereeee

    Mad Dog Allen

    Without doubt he was man of the match and worth the admission money alone. What a plonker. If he carries on like that on the touchline for much longer he'll end up having a coronary. Seriously, how can his players express themselves and play without fear when he's screaming, shouting, kicking...
  2. Thorpe Groyney

    Essex Senior League - The Title Goes West?

    A seminal point of the season last night. Following on from Romford's 1-0 win at title rivals Enfield on Saturday, they went to Lower Road last night and, in a real grudge match (due to the home manager's actions when the match was originally postponed) won 2-1 at Hullbridge Sports. At the...
  3. Lord Football

    Question Bas Savage

    It's simple really. Is Bas Savage the most ridiculous footballer you have ever seen play at any level. He more than worth the admission fee today. What an absolute clown. It is the only time I have ever seen a player go down to a backdrop of people laughing at him. The rolling around was...
  4. Ref Watch .. Leeds Away

    As we strive, I suspect in vain, for our first double of the season at Leeds, the man in charge will be Dave Foster, a 42 year old police officer from Newcastle. He started this season late, not passing the fitness test 'til mid October after injury. He is in his third season as a Football...
  5. CC51DAS

    Question Chelsea: Will we be allowed in if we are inebriated ?

    Mate of mine who has been to the Bridge a few times tells me they are very hot on refusing admission to people who appear to have had a few too many. Apparently at a Boxing Day fixture one of his mates was refused entry and he'd only eaten a couple of his Nan's mince pies which had been laced...
  6. steveo

    Hats off to Birmingham

    Birmingham giving season tickets holders free admission to the FA Cup match with Wolves in January. About time the fans got something back - good show chaps.
  7. DoDTS

    Cup against Non League opposition (1922)

    here's another one of DoDtS's history lesson, here's how it was when we played non league oposition in 1922 WORKSOP TOWN 1-2 SOUTHEND UNITED F.A.Cup 1st Round 7th JANUARY 1922 Worksop were a non league side, but so were we two seasons previously so this meant little. Worksop, which is in...
  8. sufc_tom

    What Roots Hall Reception for Paynter?

    http://www.thisisswindontownfc.co.uk/news/headlines/display.var.2461023.0.billy_going_back_to_his_roots.php Lets cheer him then, and then he'll feel like an *** saying that we'll boo him :D So CHEER not BOO!
  9. billy bests wages !!

    back in 68/69 my dear old pa said to me "besty is worth his fourty quid per week,no idea if the old man was accurate but £40 per week for the blues top player sounds about right. the interesting part being ,allowing for inflation if BB played today he would be on approx £1300 per week,as you...
  10. The Big Dady

    Leeds United Verdict

    The FA Verdict: At an independent Regulatory Commission hearing 30th.Sept, Leeds United were fined £7,500, with a further suspended fine of £12,500, for using an unlicensed agent. Leeds admitted the charge which related to the use of unlicensed agent Lorenzo Paolo in the signing of Anthony...
  11. An Orient perspective

    considering we had 4 players starting tonight, who had never started a 1st team game before, I was proud of the way we played. First half was even stevens. Your first goal was a well taken effort, very similar to your opening goal against Walsall. Our equaliser was a nice breakaway but...
  12. DoDTS

    Walsall AGED me.

    On Saturday at Walsall and again on this board, Southend fans seem to be having a go at each other and it aint nice. I feel that the hurt from Doncaster was hidden by the wonderful atmosphere, and only know after some bad results is it starting to come out. So on a light hearted note ...
  13. DoDTS

    Catering at FF

    I've already posted this on the Feedback on Walsall thread on the Away Travel Board, but thinking about it thought worth wider coverage on this board The Saddlers club at the Walsall ground is in my opinion, while basic, excellent and just what is required. Two bars one for "Home members only"...
  14. Last nights other match vs Norwich United

    Last night as I was reading the local evening paper up here in budgie land I found this Shrimpers play at Plantation Park Norwich United continue their pre-season preparations tonight with a friendly against a Southend United XI. The Shrimpers are expected to send a mixed side consisting of...
  15. RobM

    Your first game - what did it cost?

    I started supporting The Blues in 1966. The cost was; Bus fare 2/3d return (11p) Admission 1/6d (7.5p) with a transfer into the West Stand being 6d (2.5p), programme 4d (1.5p). So 4/7d or 23.5p all in. Now I'd say about £25.
  16. Slipperduke

    The battle for survival

    The only excitement that comes close to the battle for the Premier League is the fight to merely stay in it for another season. The financial rewards of the top flight are now so vast that relegation is no longer an occupational hazard that can be thrown off with one straight-forward recovery...
  17. Bob Cratchitt

    Come Watch ShrimperZone F.C. I in their first ever Cup Final

    On Sunday 20th April 2008, ShrimperZone F.C. I's will be taking on Kingsfield Casuals 2nds at Burroughs Park, Great Wakering at 2.30pm. The clubhouse will be open and it would be very good to see as many SZ.com posters come over to support the team. Regardless of misconceptions in the past...
  18. Info Request for Swansea Matchday Programme ...

    Hope you guys can help. I write for the Swansea City matchday programme about away games, how to get there, where to drink etc. I have enough information on pubs, directions and admission prices, I'd like to ask your opinion on: The best thing about your club? The worst thing about your...
  19. CC51DAS

    Charlie MacDonald

    Has he now had his 'run' ? Ignoring his 2 against a very poor Oxford , when by his own admission he should have had 5 , he has now had 3 virtually full matches and despite a lot of endeavour has not scored . At Swansea he looked totally ineffective and how he was MOTM against Oldham I'll never...
  20. Exiled Shrimper

    F.A. Youth Cup

    The third round draw for the F.A. Youth Cup was made this morning at Soho Square and, should Southend United defeat Barnet next Wednesday at Roots Hall, we will be at home to Academy side Derby County. So, I know the England match is on next Wednesday evening (which may or may not be important...