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  1. fbm

    Fly on the wall in "the meeting"... allegedly...

    RM - Ok, who's first. Anton. How are things and how do you feel about Philip? AF - Not bad. However, I keep having problems with my legs. People keep telling me that at some point you'll realise that your legs are gone, but every time I look down they're still there. I can't understand what the...
  2. southend_aussies

    Aussie consortium looking at buying an English club

    http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/more-news/alastair-clarkson-advising-australian-consortium-planning-uk-soccer-club-takeover/news-story/c27ad76efee76df1d1566705c74ac46f According to this article they are looking at six clubs with Coventry, Charlton and Bolton named. Could we be one of...
  3. Massimo Giovanni

    Pre-Match Thread Shrewsbury Town V Southend United

    Last away game of the regular season. And also, for this weekend, Last Chance Saloon as surely nothing other than a win will keep us in the race for the play offs. I expect Ben Clarkson has been pulling double shifts and drafted in some emergency help; is the "no news is good news" saying...
  4. Injuries yesterday

    Was it only me who saw Ranger limping for the last five minutes and straight at the final whistle Ben Clarkson went straight to him to see if he was OK Ranger then hobbled over to shake the Refs Hand, Also Fortune Limped off after 15 Mins. Timlin took a nasty wack also and was hobbling around...
  5. amsemp

    Ben Clarkson

    776176600337481729 Nice subtle tweet from Ben there :hilarious:
  6. Floval Flyer

    Top Gear

    48 minutes into the new revamped series and I must say that as irritating as he was; it ain't the same without Clarkson... Also LeYank is not a patch on the 2 stooges!
  7. Ben Clarkson

    Have heard a rumour that Ben Clarkson could be leaving to join Bath Rugby team.
  8. Cricko

    "Star in a reasonably priced fracas"

    Jeremy Clarkson suspended from Top Gear. http://www.theguardian.com/media/2015/mar/10/top-gear-jeremy-clarkson-suspended-bbc-producer?CMP=fb_gu I think he would quite like to break away from the BBC, his programme is a world wide success whether you love him or hate him and he would prefer...
  9. Mad Cyril

    Jeremy Clarkson

    Racist or just a knobend?
  10. TrueBlue

    Ben Clarkson

    Unsung hero - loves the banter as shown last night - SUFC fan May I dedicate this thread off appreciation to you MR BEN 'Magic Hands' CLARKSON
  11. Mma fighter training with the superb ben clarkson

    A few of our fighters have been training with the superb Ben Clarkson recently one of them is Southend boy Walter Gahadza, last season the Southend team trained in the gym with our fighters which was entertaining especially seeing who really were the hard men of the team and who were the...
  12. Ben Clarkson. Stand up Sir.

    For those that have had a go at our fitness coaches, Barry Corr said that goal was for Ben Clarkson. He said he has put so much effort in to get him back. He said Ben was more or less available 24 hours every day. He said he has never known anything like it. So Ben, you've taken a few very...
  13. Ben Clarkson Olympic Sprinter

    Was sat in the South Upper today (allegedly on duty) when a tribe of podgy spammers sat 2 rows in front of us and did nothing but slate of our club from the toilets, the view, the team and eventually our very own Ben as he ran over to the West to treat one of ours. After very loudly saying "pot...
  14. Tangled up in Blue

    Jeremy Clarkson

    http://gu.com/p/33n9q Time to go?
  15. Thorpe Groyney

    Top Gear: Alan Partridge Speaks Out

    Good column here from Steve Coogan. "As a huge fan of Top Gear. I normally regard the presenters' brand of irreverence as a part of the rough and tumble that goes with having a sense of humour. I've been on the show three times and had a go at their celebrity-lap challenge, and I would love to...
  16. jamesmut2000

    Captains Blog

    EAST ON.... I felt we deserved something out of the Northampton game. We went 1-0 up and then you want to see it out to get the three points but the goals we lost we weren’t happy with. * We probably deserved more but we have got to be more ruthless and more professional in the way we finish...
  17. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Question You are granted an evening in the pub with two celebs. Who do you choose?

    Ok, lets put to one side replies like 'Katie Price, both of them' etc, or 'Glasgow Shrimper and True Blue' (sorry gents, no reason for pcking on you) etc. Who do you think it would be great to just while away a few hours in a pub over a few beers and just have a damn good evening/laugh? For my...
  18. Shrimper

    TV Studios

    QI Recorded their 100th episode last night and I was there. Got a badge and spoke to Jeremy Clarkson which was good. Was about Health and Safety, anyone else been to a recording of it, or other shows
  19. toellandback

    Jeremy Clarkson puts the world right

  20. pickledseal

    Breaking News Revelling In It - 15/7/09

    Revelling In It Revelling In It This week starring: Alan ‘Peter Jones’ McCormack Steve ‘I just love football’ Parmenter Adam ‘Blue blood runs through my veins’ Barrett Anthony ‘Rocky Balboa’ Grant Steve ‘Big Bird’ Mildenhall An introducing (again)….. Lee ‘Birdsnest hair’ Sawyer Personally...