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  1. Uncle Leo

    Five teams you love to hate

    Five football teams you hate and the reasons why please: Col Ewe - the scum from up the A12, our only true rivals Sevilla - cross city rivals of the mighty Real Betis and annoyingly successful at the moment Rangers - years and years of sectarian bigotry, plus you never meet a handsome hun...
  2. Eurovision

    Before its said, yes I know its always a pile of rubbish but ive had a subtle change of heart. The Russian entry was, how can I put this, very easy on the eyes. As for Wogans commentry, quote of the night was just after the french song, "what a load of rubbish". Cant wait for our...
  3. C C Csiders

    Who would the Mrs leave you for?

    Bloody charming! My wife told me last night that she would be off like a shot with Sean Bean, Alan Shearer and Matthew Hoggard given the chance. And to think I've had to pi$$ off Nicole Kidman, the Russian bird out of Strictly Come Dancing and Agnetha Faltskog to stay with her. Who would your...
  4. Xàbia Shrimper

    It's coming ...

    "The United States has overstepped its borders in all spheres - economic, political and humanitarian, and has imposed itself on other states. Local and regional wars did not get fewer, the number of people who died did not get less but increased. We see no kind of restraint - a hyper-inflated...
  5. C C Csiders

    Alexander Litvinenko

    I had a dream on Saturday night that started with lights in the sky - which could not be determined whether they were celestial or alien, but then developed into a theory regarding the death of the former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko. My dream goes that LItvinenko, rather than being poisoned...
  6. Desert Shrimper

    If you could move abroad for a year or more...

    Recently I've been thinking more and more about heading off to try my luck abroad for a couple of years or so. It's not that I hate this country or anything but it is too bloody cold and last year's Russian winter was just about the straw that broke the camel's back. I also think that life is...
  7. KrustyTheKray

    Online Chess

    I hope this is not too trainspotterish, but has anyone got any good suggestions of any websites that offer online chess? These days Chess is played by gorgeous looking Russian females who could resemble a bad girl in a James Bond film. It's a game of skill and intelligence! Maybe if...
  8. Hawkwell Blue

    Col U's new Owner

    According to the BBC he's a life long West Ham fan - what a combination and just what you want to hear as a Col U fan! He's not a Russian but has got some dosh apparently.
  9. Hawkwell Blue

    Col U's new Owner

    According to the BBC he's a life long West Ham fan - what a combination and just what you want to hear as a Col U fan! He's not a Russian but has got some dosh apparently.
  10. DTS

    Shrimperzone Men

    Watching the game on Sky last night when the group tables came on of my mates commented that he had bedded women from three of seven coutries in group 2 (I think). I was wondering if we the virile men of Shrimperzone could betweem us have literally bedded the whole of Europe. Below is a list...
  11. Bielzibubz

    West Spam in possible takeover deal

    Another rich Russian (Georgian) and an Iranian of all people Won't be long before the whole Premshyte is owned by foreigners. Story Here
  12. DTS

    Bentford Fan

    Did anyone else seem the complete idiot on the right of the terrace in the Green jacket and a Russian type hat. What a dick - Was having something that looked like flowers at our fans all night/ Implying we were all fat boys and generally making a knob of himself. Even Darryl when taking a...
  13. Xàbia Shrimper

    Letter in the National Press

    Published in a national newspaper. I wonder if Blair's Hate Crime Police are working on the case? IMMIGRANTS, NOT BRITS MUST ADAPT. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on the 7th of the 7th we have...
  14. Please read!

    This is an editorial written by an British citizen, published in a National newspaper He did quite a job; didn't he? Read on, please! IMMIGRANTS, NOT BRITS MUST ADAPT. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the...
  15. Matt the Shrimp

    FourFourTwo this month...

    Cracking edition of FourFourTwo this month... largely because there is a big article on the Essex derby.  Jamie Forsyth is to be commended on some particularly choice quotes about our bucolic rivals from the north of the county: <span style='color:blue'>"Col******r is a footballing backwater,"...
  16. Interesting...

    Heard today that the proposed take over of West Ham is being Ghost Funded by a ruthless russian Tycoon who once dabbled in business with Abramovich. However, things didnt go smoothly and Abramovich cheated this Russian out of a deal equating to 100&#39;s of millions of dollars, leaving the guy...
  17. From Russia with love

    Hello lads! Not sure you are remembering me, I was at this board about 5 or 6 month ago and chat with you. Just want to wish you good luck or the season. But not for the next game. Come on Vale!   Sergey (Russian Vale Fan)
  18. Mad Cyril

    Firewalls, anti virus etc.

    After moving house I have now re-subscribed to blueyonder. Because I am using a new laptop to connect to the internet I need to install new firewall, anti virus/spyware software before some Russian hacker targets my machine. I have installed the trial version of zone alarm pro as a stop gap...
  19. J

    Look at this, what i have just found on ebay

    Southend Russian Doles..
  20. southend airport

    a great boost for the town or a huge white elephant?.. it must be a bit of a ****er if you live in rochford on the flightpath when they start using big jets there.. on the rare occasion that russian looking thing flys out its still making a racket in chalkwell as its going out over the river