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  1. Non-league potential

    Not sure if this has been posted, but an interesting article (not directly relevant to SUFC) by Danny Cowley and mentions Alex Woodyard... http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11096/10556974/who-will-be-the-next-star-to-emerge-from-non-league-we-pick-out-six-to-watch
  2. Yorkshire Blue

    Best Youth Team XI

    Bentley Edwards Prior Roget McSweeney Clark Kightly Ferdinand P. Smith Moussa S. Brown Subs Capelton, Cross, Payne, Ademano, Lawson Anyone I've missed? Johnny Herd and Alex Woodyard were clearly surplus to requirements. I hope Ted Smith, Jack Bridge and MrsBlue's favourite make this list in...
  3. Revell is a Hero

    Alex Woodyard

    I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned, but Woody is on trial with the Daggers, and featured in their 5-0 win over Dover at the weekend.
  4. Greenelk

    Breaking News Five confirmed gone - Spillane, Spicer, Woodyard, Benyon and Mohsni

  5. Latest Rumours First 3 released.

    I'm hearing from a very good, reliable contact that Spillane, Spicer and Woodyard have been released. Take it how you want to
  6. undercovershrimper

    Breaking News Woodyard joins Braintree on loan

    Young Blues midfielder joins BSP side Braintree Town on loan until April 20th according to Twitter/Facebook
  7. Pre-Match Thread Northampton

    Many unknowns regarding injuries , but what side to people expect us to put out. SMITH CLOHESSY , PROSSER , PHILLIPS , STRAKER LEONARD , HURST , SPILLANE , MAYOR REEVES , ASSOMBALONGA SUBS : BENTLEY , WOODYARD , COUGHLIN , CORR , HARRIS , EASTWOOD If Phillips doesn't make it , then Spillane...
  8. Spicer in or out for the 2nd leg of the JPT

    With Timlin now out, would it be tempting to put Spicer in the middle, and if so when would you bring him back in the league for the next couple of games to get him match fit, or would you bring him on as a sub for the last 20-25 minutes in the next 3 matches to get him ready. Then again would...
  9. danburyshrimper

    as it stands:

    correct me if i'm wrong , but we will have no Spillane & no Laird for the Orient games ... so this will probably be the team : ..........................................SMITH.................................... CLOHESSEY..........PHILLIPS.................CRESSWELL.......BARKER...
  10. Best young player

    Who do you think is our best young player? Alex Woodyard and Ryan Leonard have great potential, and so does Daniel bentley!
  11. davewebbsbrain

    Official Match Thread Southend v York City

    Team is: Smith, Clohessy, Straker, Cresswell, Eastwood, Hurst, Assombalonga, Tomlin, Barker, Laird, Woodyard. Subs: Corr, Martin, Clarke-Harris, Phillips, Bentley, Spicer, Benyon.
  12. Pre-Match Thread v YORK

    Bottles of Sol 3 for 2. Justin Beiber tribute act. New CM player. What can possibly spoil the day. My guess at the team SMITH CLOHESSY , CRESSWELL , BARKER , STRAKER HURST , WOODYARD , LAIRD , MARTIN or TOMLIN ASSOMBALONGA , EASTWOOD SUBS : BENTLEY , COUGHLIN , SPICER , PAXMAN , MARTIN or...
  13. FarmdogSUFC

    Pre-Match Thread Alder****

    Only tomorrow so I thought I'd start it already. My team would be as follows: Smith Clohessy - Phillips - Creswell - Barker Hurst - Leonard - Spicer - Martin Tomlin - Assombalonga Subs: Bentley - Straker - Coughlan - Woodyard - Eastwood - Clarke-Harris - Benyon Not my ideal lineup but what...
  14. Harry Bullocks

    Team for Burton game?

    Smith and Phillips back?.....BBBC out....clearly. Freddie to remain as sub to ease him back to full match fitness. Smith Clohessy Phillips/Prosser Cresswell Barker Hurst Timlin Spicer Martin Assambalonga Benyon/Tomlin Subs...
  15. Official Match Thread Southend United v Wycombe Wanderers

    Belford. Clohessy, Prosser, Timlin, Cresswell, Phillips, Leonard, Spicer, Assombolonga, Tomlin, Hurst. Subs: Smith, Barker, Straker, Harris, Njie, Woodyard, Benyon.
  16. Massimo Giovanni

    Pre-Match Thread Southend United V Wycombe Wanderers

    Smith GK SC- right back Phillips and Cressie at centre backs, Barks at LB. Hall? at right/or Leonard if Hall is too unsettled. Timlin and Spicer in centre. Martin on left. Fred and Tomlin at the top. Everyone else on bench!
  17. Keeping fans up to date

    A wee birdie told me that it was vital the fans were kept up to speed.At the minute we are in negotiations with phillips,eastwood,dailly and gilbert.Kalalas injury is being monitered and
  18. Go-Karting team bonding today.....

    Anyone else seen Mark Phillips' tweets tonight? Made me chuckle..... MP: "So ill tell one funny story from go karting today.....race is over an its last corner after a long straight so i decide to go for it so i floor it and try to do this 180 turn with out breaking half knowing id loose...
  19. Firestorm

    Ex Shrimpers and Loanees This week

    Kyle Asante scored for Concord in the 2-2 draw at Wroxham Alex Woodyard scored in Farnbro's 4-3 Defeat at Basingstoke Scott Spencer scored again in Hydes 2 2 draw Eastwood Scott Vernon got at Hat trick on Friday as Aberdeen beat Dunfirnilme 4-0 (Craig Easton started but was subbed after...
  20. DTS

    Two young Shrimpers loaned out.

    Smith and Woodyard http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10444~2436064,00.html