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  1. DTS

    Fairly crap Tara article.

    http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/magazine/2011/0423/1224294999976.html Thanks to my pal Bootsja for the link.
  2. Cricko

    Zoner's Questions for Tara Brady

    Ok fill your boots people with any questions that you want to ask Tara Brady.
  3. Could we not arrange a ShrimperZone meeting with Ron and Tara

    Following on from last night effort from some fans in challenging Ron, can it not be arranged to have a meeting with Ron and Tara to get some real answers Some of the questions I have read is unreal
  4. Shrimperstrust

    Trust Statement - Season Tickets 2011/12 Season

    The Shrimpers Trust believe that a price increase, both for season tickets and in terms of matchday prices, at Southend United for the 2011/12 season was inevitable given the financial situation at the club stated by chief executive Tara Brady in his interview with BBC Essex earlier in the...
  5. Breaking News AGM Announced

    Letter from club this morning announcing that an AGM will be held at the Park Inn Palace Hotel on April 19th. Tea and biscuits to follow with a chance to talk informally to Ron & co.
  6. Napster

    Recurring topics on SZ

    1) Ron's evil; it's all part of the masterplan to drive the club into the ground and everyone's involved, including: 2) Sturrock: he's tactically naive by not picking the right players like: 3) Paterson but then he does pick 4) his son - is it nepotism? or is Yorkie right? 5) the ground- will it...
  7. Breaking News Tara Brady on TalkSport now!

    well, some time after 8pm. With SVC too!
  8. Cricko


    Having spoken to Tara this afternoon I can confirm for those doubters and Bielzibubz in particular that think I always talk bollocks and rumours only.These words are from Tara direct to me. We are under a transfer embargo, this can be lifted if and when PS wants to get a player in, ATM funds...
  9. Updated..Yesterday's Meeting

    3-sided stadium, more Tax-man grief, players not being paid. Will make for an interesting meeting with Tara Brady. Discuss.
  10. fbm

    Summer start for stadium

    Tara Brady is still hopeful that work on the stadium will start in the summer.
  11. Breaking News PS and Tara Brady Phone-in

    Just announced. Paul Sturrock and Tara Brady will take part in a live phone in on BBC Essex next Wednesday, 19th January, 18:00-19:00. Should be interesting, have they got a Scots interpreter?
  12. jamesmut2000

    Tara Brady

    I don't know whether anyone else saw this article so thought i'd post it up here now the Zone is (finally :smile:) back online. linky As I've highlighted above -how much is his significant investement??
  13. Semi Final No.2

    The second semi no doubt played at Wembley on a Sunday rather than Villa Park is a titanic battle of Stephen Spielberg (Fatshrimp) v Quentin Tarantino (GB Jnr) who sneaked through against Ridley Scott. Away the lads!
  14. Quarter Final Round 3

    Up early because I feel like dog doo and I'm going back to bed... Third tie is between doozy between Quentin Tarantino (GB Jnr) an Ridley Scott (GHG)....
  15. Second round: Tie 6

    Battle Royale (with cheese) on this one: Quentin Tarantino (Grays Blue Jnr) takes on Kevin Smith (Bob Cratchitt). Evidence please folks!
  16. Round 13

    First up today Quentin Tarantino (GraysBlue Jnr) takes on Wes Anderson (Aberdeen Shrimper) in what will probably be a one-sided affair. Evidence please!
  17. Battle of the MODERN film directors

    Here's the draw in full, made not by Alan Hansen and his warm balls at FA HQ, but a swish Excel Macro I found online. Day 1 M. Night Shyamalan v John Woo Michael Moore v Martin Scorsese Frank Darabont v Guillermo Del Toro Darren Aranofsky v Kevin Smith Day 2 Mike Newell v Sam Mendes. John...
  18. New battle for SZ (film lovers).

    When it's all quiet, howsabout Battle of the Film Directors? Scorsese, Tarantino, Peter Jackson, George Lucas (:D), Fellini, Jarmusch, Michael Bay (:puke) etc.....
  19. Martin Scorsese's best work?

    As per Cricko's Tarantino thread, a Seany's quite insane (:stunned:) score on 7/10 for Goodfellas, which, in the opinion of the SZ public is his best work? I can't decide between Goodfellas, Taxi Driver or Raging Bull.......Hmmmmm
  20. Best Film Directed By Tarantino

    Ok, so which do you think is his best film?