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  1. DoDTS

    PL Table Main PL TABLE No. 3 NOW POSTED 10th august 2013

    Congratulations to escudo on being top of the pile, and to yogi bear utc, davewebbsbarin and Tinks for finishing ahead of the field. Latest table to follow later but here's todays scores: 10 escudo 9 yogi bear up the cagire 8 davewebbsbrain 8 Tinks 7 Shrimper2thecore 7 Gt Yarmouth Shrimper 7...
  2. 83 points

    Champions Gillingham finished the season on 83 points, the same total as we achieved last season finishing 4th. Before anyone comments, I can confirm that I am bitter and live in the past.
  3. IloveShrimp

    All is not lost!

    All is not lost I just did BBC predictor and had us finishing equal 5 / 6th http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_3/predictor/default.stm
  4. Games till the End of the Season

    Port Vale (A) 0-2 Wimbledon (H) 1-0 3 points Torquay (H) 2-1 3 points Plymouth (H) 2-0 3 points Rochdale (A) 1-1 1 point Bradford (A) 0-1 Fleetwood (H) 1-1 1 point Crewe (Wembley) lose Bristol Rovers (H) 1-1 1 point York (A) 2-2 1...
  5. Question Going back in time

    With the state of many clubs finances, do you think that taking a step backwards may help. By this i mean going back to the days of the old 3rd division South and North.By doing this it would generate more local derbies ,which mean higher attendances ,more revenue. Also less travel and no over...
  6. Fossetts Farmer

    Portsmouth in the poop, so...

    Pompey facing expulsion from the league at the end of this season should the never ending takeover from their supporters trust not go through... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/21376866 :thumbdown: Not wishing to kick a man while he's down but would this mean an extra league 2 side getting...
  7. davewebbsbrain

    African cup of Nations

    I have watched bits and bobs of the African cup of Nations and for me it's the worst football I've ever seen. Lots of hacking, misplaced passes and poor finishing. What does everyone else think?
  8. Sacked managers

    Bye bye Henning Berg after 57 days, and quite stupidly Forest sack Sean O'Driscoll after a 4-2 win v Leeds with a very realistic chance of a promotion. I put money on Mancini being dumped before the end of 2013.
  9. LennySUFC

    FM13 BETA Released today!

    Just downloaded it and started as SUFC (Ofcourse) Interesting, Big G.Cough recommends Smith as the best player in the side at a 4.5* rating! Bilel wants to leave on a free Hall is amazing Bilel and Eastwood both 3.5* strikers :unsure: Freddy has 10 finishing?!?!? AND timlin has 10 passing...
  10. Question Am I in the right?

    Right, let me break it down for you. So me and the gf are going out on saturday. This has been planned for about a week. The idea is to leave mine at about 12:30pm. This is important as leaving any later will cut into valuable drinking time. So she phones me tonight and says she's just booked...
  11. Play-offs rethink?

    Yes like everyone else I'm still feeling deflated after failing to secure promotion after such a promising start to the season and searching for reasons to explain how and why we blew it, but something that crossed my mind before the Crewe games was shouldn't the team finishing in the highest...
  12. southchurch

    what would you rather have ?

    Peolpe say this is a s**t league and we have to get out of it , which really annoys me. But think about this scenario. We make it to the championship and spend 10 years finishing a place or two above the relegation spot every year. Or we spend the same 10 years fighting promotion and relegation...
  13. Smiffy

    The Last 8 Games - Your Thoughts?

    With 8 games to go. How many points do you see us picking up? I'm going for: Bristol Rovers (A) - 1pt Cheltenham (H) - 1pt Bradford (A) - 1pt AFC Wombles (H) - 3pt Torquay (A) - 0pt Barnet (H) - 3pt Oxford (A) - 0pt Macclesfield (H) - 3pt Period Total - 12 points Season Total - 79 points...
  14. galvatron1983

    £5 tickets??

    Would of gone to the game if I wasnt finishing work at 7 today and Im in deepest London. Did they sell out of the £5 tickets in the end? Seems like a great promotion that should be done more often...
  15. Dickinson's Role

    CP said something on the radio yesterday, he said that Dickinson is one of our most inconsistent players, on his day he can be brilliant, but on the other days he won't win anything all game, there is no middle ground with him. I agree with this 100%, I also think the people defending him when...
  16. danburyshrimper

    Sturrock : Master tactician

    Paul Sturrock is a genius. He knows that the best day ever for southend supporters ( not including cup matches ) was the league play off final in Cardiff. He also knew how gutted we were to lose out to Swindon + not go to Wembley in the JPT. He realises that by finishing 4th we will have a 2...
  17. Special report Training today. Team For Dagenham looks like......

    Lots more practice with crossing and finishing today. The full backs and wingers doing knitting practice before cross-stitching. Also plenty of practice on crochet. Gilbert rushing to the loo, Dickinson and Phillips in the cafe and Mohsni break-dancing. May be worth having a small bet on...
  18. DTS

    Timlin - What do you think will happen in Jan?

    Personally I think Timlin is one of the reasons we are on this amazing run. He is such an all round midfielder give or take finishing and I really feel he has to be signed in Jan. I wonder if we have already done a deal for him as Di Canio didnt want him? Maybe we tied it up befoe the loan move...
  19. Homer

    are neighbours up the A12 not happy bunnies

    anybody travelling home last night listen to BBC Essex aftermatch summary on the U's via Cherries god there are a lot of frustrated supporters moaning about the manager / the team performance / taking 20 minutes + to even try and get out of the car park of the shinning under filled stadium...
  20. Come on lets support PS to the hilt

    I admit I was not in favour of Paul Sturrock becoming our Manager but after careful consideration over the summer I'm now of a different opinion. And no this hasn't come in the midst of the euphoria of the result at Rotherham. For many of us we were so frustrated at how things were being...