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  1. Spaceman Spiff


    Apologies if I've missed this discussion somewhere - but what's happened to Tam since he went back to Millwall? He doesn't seem to have played for them and isn't listed in the squad on their official site... Any chance of getting him back?
  2. Carpet Fitters and Carpets.

    At the back of my mind somewhere i seem to remember that someone was or knew someone who did this?
  3. fbm

    Exeter on Saturday

    I'll be making the trip to the other St James' Park on Saturday to see the mighty Blues and will also look forward to catching up with my old mate Shrimpero. I've seen elsewhere somewhere a post about someone standing with him at Exeter so maybe if others know him I'll get to meet a few other...
  4. Sacked managers

    Bye bye Henning Berg after 57 days, and quite stupidly Forest sack Sean O'Driscoll after a 4-2 win v Leeds with a very realistic chance of a promotion. I put money on Mancini being dumped before the end of 2013.
  5. Hello All

    Hello Everyone, My name is Nick I run the Southend Timeline website, I admit I am not a great follower of Football but always look out for the Southend result, until recently I used to feature the fixture list and results on the website but a change in FA regulations forced me to discontinue...
  6. TrueBlue

    Quick help needed!!!

    Taking the mrs out in about 2 hours time I want to take her for dinner somewhere.... Criteria - NOT expensive NOT Harvester NOT indian NOT Ask Location - anywhere in Southend or Rochford boroughs
  7. Mad Cyril

    Car maintenance advice.

    My mondeo is idling a bit high and keeps over revving when I brake to a halt before dropping back to idle. Is this something I can easily fix or should I burn it out somewhere and claim on the insurance?
  8. OldBlueLady

    A Toy Train in Space

    I know there's a thread somewhere for YouTube things, but I just thought this was brilliant - mods, please feel free to merge it at some point but let people enjoy it first, eh? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoMN-zg7r3M&feature=share
  9. fbm

    Pre match curries?

    For a while, when we go away, me and my mates tend to have a pre game curry somewhere. We always threaten to write about it and now we have... http://aroundthegroundsin80curries.blogspot.co.uk/ We will be adding to this with past experiences as well. It would be good in the future to see...
  10. Shrimpers are Magic

    Drinking holes in the south end of Prittllewell

    Was down for Pie and Pint night with the Doughnut the other night and before it all started I had a walk around town. It occurred to me I no longer know my home town anymore ! Moved away sometime ago and when I do come down for the game I'm off the train at Prittlewell and pretty much into the...
  11. Hotman

    Holiday recommendations

    I know I've probably posted this a few times already this year, but as some of you will know this year hasn't been easy for me so I'm travelling more than usual. Can anyone recommend somewhere warm, fairly cheap but decent class (no ********s please), bit of nightlife always appreciated but not...
  12. TrueBlue

    The TrueBlue Rally Cry - Northampton!

    Well its all doom and gloom at the moment my friends but every season has to start somewhere! Yes its been a load of old cobblers (excuse the pun) but I feel today is better then any to kick things off and look towards 3 points, lets face it Northampton HATE playing us at their place time and...
  13. SupaBlues


    Hi fellow zoners. My partner is getting laid off the end of next month and when she gets her money we are thinking of booking an exotic holiday. I have been looking at Goa and from what I've seen it seems to tick all the boxes of what we are looking for. Has anybody been and if so would you...
  14. C C Csiders

    New International Qualification Rules

    Absolutely ridiculous. Ryan Shawcross can play for Wales because he went to school there for 5 years. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18786041 I'm thinking of giving Chris Coleman a call because, in a drawer somewhere at home, I've got one of those Marie Curie daffodil cancer badges.
  15. SZ Euro 2012 Fantasy Football

    Couldnt decide where to put this so I've put it here but if it needs to be moved somewhere else, could one of the mods move it please? I'm doing the euro 2012 fantasy football in the telegraph and thought it would be a good idea if we could do a ShrimperZone mini league. The best highest...
  16. CC51DAS

    Question "League One football at League two prices"

    Did I just imagine that someone at the club used this phrase or did it come from somewhere else ?
  17. Smiffy

    Nice Spot For Lunch in Southend/Leigh etc?

    So it's the missus 30th Birthday tomorrow and I am going to take her for a bit of shopping in Leigh and Southend. Then I'm looking to take her for lunch somewhere. Nothing overly fancy, just a nice bar/bistro type place that serves decent food. Not really a fan of seafood, so more meat based...
  18. steveo

    Occupy somewhere else you losers

    So Occupy London are now looking for somewhere else to occupy. Well good riddance to bad rubbish. One of these ***** was on Five Live this morning describing himself as a Professional Protester. So who is paying him? And more annoyingly, why don't one of the spineless BBC reporters ever ask...
  19. Dickinson's Role

    CP said something on the radio yesterday, he said that Dickinson is one of our most inconsistent players, on his day he can be brilliant, but on the other days he won't win anything all game, there is no middle ground with him. I agree with this 100%, I also think the people defending him when...
  20. Festival Season

    Now we're into February, thought it might be about time that the Zone had somewhere to discuss things as the line-ups start to trickle out. Gutted there's no Glasto this year, but I'll be doing things differently this year, Brownstock in South Woodham Ferrers, and Beach Break Live over near...