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  1. duncan bulgaria

    Why i feel its right to vent your anger at the team

    It seems obvious that the team we have this season has divided many of our fans as to whether or not it is getting better or is it diclining into a team that is unreconisable to the successful ones we have been used to under Sir Steve. No one can deny that the management , the chairman , the...
  2. Benfleet A1

    An experiment carried out

    Moving on from the thread that told us that children as young as 3 should be watched for reactions over certain foods to see if they could be racist, I have conducted tests on my four year old daugther with certain foods from around the world to find out whether she is going to be a no good bad...
  3. callan

    Interview with a Zoner - Part 4.

    Todays interview is with Ldnfatso, sadly like many of todays generation despite being born to white anglo saxon parents he believes he’s black. Easily recognisable in the south upper where he sports a Hoodie top, jeans ten sizes to big for him and a Rastafarian hat, So Strap yourselves in...
  4. BaileytheQuitter

    Boten Anna

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYQUsp-jxDQ For the minority of you that liked the song 'Now You're Gone' by Basshunter- here's the original. Boten Anna. I first heard this version over a year ago in Austria before the English version hit the UK. What do you think...?
  5. Best club in the league

    We may not have had the best team this season but last night showed why we are one of the best, if not the best clubs in the league. 1. The fans - I'm just so proud to be a Shrimper after last night. 2. Ron Martin - free coaches and then some hand shakes at the start to get us all going, new...
  6. Shrimper2thecore

    Rangers Fans and embarrassment to Scottish football

    What a shame, one of the screen in Manchester city centre had a fault a turned off two minutes before kick off, and so the Rangers fans went mental. Attacking police and the like. One thing I saw has discusted me, a Zenit fan got hit by a car, and while paramedics were trying to treat him (put...
  7. Well played Southend

    Just back from the game...Leeds fan living in Romford...best side by far won the game... I've seen some very bitter and angry comments about Leeds on here, and am surprised at the level of anger we generate. Of course we have our morons but then so do most clubs...and lets face it, you sold out...
  8. Abuse of Hughes & Ricketts

    I know I will probably get slaughtered for saying this but I need to get it off my chest - I felt uncomfortable with the level of abuse dished out to Hughes and Ricketts on Saturday. I know this type of thing has been common at grounds up and down the country from the 70s at least (and probably...
  9. We are only two game into the season!!!!

    Reading some of the posts on here you would think we are already relegated. There is plenty of time to turn things around. I am still confident we can at least finish in the top half this season. The trouble with having all the success we have had over the last few years has made people expect...
  10. real men drink in the railway

    let all fat people drink in the spread, everyone knows its the railway for the lads, also good to mob up afterwards to keep an eye on orients 9 handed mob, which seemed to have 32 policemen around it!!! Plus a 32stone rastafarian at the end of the line, what was he doing golliwing the orient, I...
  11. Feed the Goat Book

    Has anyone else read Shaun Goaters book, got it from the library and have never read such a boring book in my life. Apart from his problems with Keegan at Man City and Coppell at Reading, I honestly thought it was 205 pages of tripe and would have been gutted to pay £ 18 for it signed or not...
  12. Leon Constantine

    Leon has had enough of Port Vale and has quit - toys out of pram after coming 4th at Vale's player of the year award and a minority of fans booing him...
  13. Thugs Ruined Our Day

    I know there have been threads re; the abuse from Spurs fans on Saturday, but our day was ruined by thugs in our ranks. I should be able to take my son to away matches without exposing him to aggressive and abusive behaviour. If anyone reading this was involved in such behaviour, then shame on...
  14. dead already?

    Once again it seems that the Minority will outweigh the Majority. I have lived in Southend all my life and have supported our team for over 35 years but once again it seems the backward thinking of this council and a few select groups will stop any progress as far as our New Stadium and future...
  15. KrustyTheKray

    Pubs to avoid near to White Hart Lane

    Been speaking to my mate at work who's a Spurs season and a bit of a boy if you know what i mean, he says avoid the Gilpin and The Phoenix.   These pubs usually house Tottenham's Top Boys and known trouble makers.  By all means, if you want trouble go to them   Most of the other pubs near WHL...
  16. Unreasonable?

    I'm inclined to agree, responding to some Southend fans comments, shame n' all because some of you are quite reasonable!
  17. Bielzibubz

    The Turner Prize

    *.............* (insert your own expletive) What's up with these people. What exactly makes their pieces of 'art' any different and any more worthy than a splattering of paint on a piece of paper put together by a four year old at your local nursery? I've just listened to the...
  18. Xàbia Shrimper

    Double Standards?

    1. Home Secretary John Reid was heckled by two very aggressive people with extremist Islamic views, the supporters of whom brandished posters printed quite clearly with the words "JOHN REID GO TO HELL!" Yet Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair claims that no crime had been committed...
  19. MrB

    West Ham fans

    From Football Unlimited: Roeder reveals tumour taunts - former Hammers manager asked by fans: 'Why didn't you die three years ago?' Potential investors be warned, involvement in West Ham is not for the faint-hearted. Former Hammers boss Glenn Roeder has revealed the extent of the...
  20. Down side to todays support.

    Thought our support was superb today, but was let down by a minority few. We sat near a few idiots that spent the game verbally slagging off JCR and Paynter. OK, Billy has had a slow start and is obviously getting some critism on here - but back him during the game. Unbelievably, they booed...