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  1. Hawkwell Blue


    I know this is not SUFC related but our friend from MK**** Pete Winkleman has just stated that he is "not proud of uprooting Wimbledon and admits it was a "bad decision". He goes on "I'm not proud of the way this club came into being, it's very hard for me to live with that" If he feels that...
  2. A Very Positive Experience

    As I stated in the other thread today I tried the club's Blue Lounge hospitality for the first time. I was greeted by the lovely Gill who explained the procedure for the carvery meal and was served the starter of Crispy Chicken Fillets with a sweet chilli and mayo dip. I chose the wonderful...
  3. Shrimperstrust

    Trust & ShrimperZone Meeting with Ron Martin

    Ken Jarvis representing ShrimperZone and I (Paul FitzGerald) met with Ron Martin on Tuesday night to try to clarify the state of the clubs finances and the status of the FF development. Not hugely surprising but our meeting with Ron turned into a double act. Steve Kavanagh came across well...
  4. Smiffy

    Should the club be put up for sale?

    A lot of the current discussion on here surrounds whether or not RM should publicly put the club "up for sale" And I am not talking about him inviting a few mates "from the city" down for a chat. I am talking about it clearly being stated in the media, that our club is available for purchase...
  5. Roots Hall chicken or Fossetts Farm egg?

    Firstly I would ask the mods not to move this to the FF forum as I believe it is more encompassing than that. I say Roots Hall chicken or Fossetts farm egg as i believe it is important to know which came first. I firmly believe and have stated many times that the move to FF is our only hope of...
  6. ldnfatso

    Question New Kit

    The following is stated in the most recent Customer Charter on the OS. Can anyone confirm or not if the shirt sponsors or manufacturer is changing for the new season?
  7. canveyshrimper

    Question A New Manager

    Ok, so many have advocated that Sturrock should cop for the Spanish Archer. As I've stated on these pages often enough I've not really warmed to Sturrock, but do recognise that he has taken us from a position of having next to no players to the play offs. That I'd suggest is a fair achievement...
  8. shrimperjon

    Have all the new signings disrupted the team too much?

    In listening to PS last nite he again stated that he was looking to bring in maybe 2 or 3 new players, particularly offensive minded players. We all looked at each other and thought but where will they fit in, is there enough room on the programme cover to list them? Then we got thinking about...
  9. Swindon

    Every saturday I love going through other League 2 results and comments and again Di Canio just amazes me with his passion of being number 1 at everything. He has stated after the game today that the team was not good enough and even though Torquay and Southend lost he will not accept 2nd...
  10. Pre-Match Thread Morecambe v Southend United

    After the defeat at Aldershot P.S. has STATED he is making changes ! This is how I see it. Goal: Bentley: Instruction. Mix kicking with quick thro. Looking for your right back and central midfielder that will be looking for the ball from you. while being aware of our 2 wingers who will...
  11. Firestorm

    Facts , A bit of help please

    The title of another thread , being factual, made me wonder about what is acceptable on this forum, or any other for that matter, regarding facts. I am , by nature , pedantic, often to the point of distraction. My wife often says that I am borderline OCD when it comes to facts and details, as I...
  12. JTSB

    Football Manager 2012 - January Ratings for Southend

    Looks like I'll have some higher guidelines to work with when doing the ratings for January due to our position at this stage. I should be able to rate 'key players' (of which there should be five) between 85 and 100 for Current Ability. Over the summer, due to our mid-table finish last...
  13. do you think we are lining up to buy Luke Daniels in January?

    Firstly, let me make it clear that I have inside knowledge whatsoever on this subject and there is certainly an element of 2+2 =6 in this! However, WBA made it perfectly clear when we took Luke on loan just two weeks ago, that he was UNAVAILABLE to play in the FA Cup. I doubt very much that...
  14. wally4pm

    Dagenham (A) - Ticket update & General chat. 1,500 SOLD .. NONE LEFT WHATSOEVER

    I know its a few weeks away yet, but when I collected my tickets yesterday the box office stated that we have only sold 400 of the 1,000 away tickets allocated. I thought these tickets would have been snapped up like gold dust. Surely we'll take our full compliment (and more?). After all its...
  15. Homer

    are neighbours up the A12 not happy bunnies

    anybody travelling home last night listen to BBC Essex aftermatch summary on the U's via Cherries god there are a lot of frustrated supporters moaning about the manager / the team performance / taking 20 minutes + to even try and get out of the car park of the shinning under filled stadium...
  16. * ORM *

    OD - Week 12

    Last week I stated that I'd finally achieved elite on bowling but thought I would have to wait a season for batting elite. Then I have today's ratings. London Calling ShrimperZone Vets CC Top Order: exceptional elite Middle Order: exceptional wonderful Lower Order: woeful abysmal Seam...
  17. Smiffy

    Breaking News Southend fan produces music track for charity

    A Basildon born dance music producer and lifelong Southend United fan has taken the time out of his schedule to record the track “On To Victory”. The track has been described as the ideal ‘pre kick off anthem’ and has been self funded and recorded especially for his...
  18. Was Bilel offside?

    Now I have seen it live yesterday I have watched it on TV three times and in my veiw the ball camr off there keeper billy had a defender in line with him .He reacted quickest and in my view the goal was good .But what do you think .And it was stated the he ran staight from the pitch after the...
  19. Hooper and Mulgrew in Australia

    Interesting that both Hooper and Mulgrew got on the score sheet tonight in Western Australia as Cetlic defeat Perth Glory 2-0 in a preseason friendly. A local newspaper stated, "Celtic showed their class through goals to Gary Hooper in the 16th minute and Charlie Mulgrew six minutes after the...
  20. milhouse

    Tube Strikes

    Not on the politics sub-forum as I don't see this as political but common sense. I note that the RMT intend to strike 2 x 3 days over two weeks in order to save the jobs of, er, TWO of their members. Here's a shock, they just happen to be senior union activists. I don't wish to be...