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  1. Xàbia Shrimper

    The Ant & The Grasshopper

    1. CLASSIC VERSION: The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks he's a fool, and laughs and dances and plays the summer away. Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed. The shivering grasshopper...
  2. Col Ewe vs Southend - Match Report

    Match report from yesterday’s game. Collis – seemed very confident and was communicating well with the back four but had no chance with the goal which went in off the post from Guy’s excellent strike.  Collis’ handling was good throughout as was his distribution. Collis pulled off a fantastic...
  3. Anyone started to get excited

    After wednesday one's thought's naturally turn to the weekend, only 2 more days to work blah blah I dont know what others are like but I feel like a little boy again at Christmas, cant wait for saturday now. Got my new shirt, probably buy the new away one on Saturday as well, Roots Hall...
  4. seany t

    I've got a great idea for a film...

    Imagine the scene. A club, once on the verge of the football Elite has freefallen down the leagues and is mere games away from relegation. An ex-player comes along and takes over in his first high profile managerial role. The sceptics are out in force, the fans are behind him for old times...
  5. Mountain Bikes

    Do they really need 24 bloody gears..? I mean 6 or 7 would be enough.. Lets face it the incline required to make the first gear relavent you wouldn't be able to walk up with out Chris Bonningtons help. And that front cog always f%&ks up after about 30 minutes and puts the chain on a...
  6. fancy writing in our fanzine?

    Hi all, hoping to get a steer from someone on how your season has gone so far, key moments, players, expectations, what you think of YTFC this season etc.....approx 300 words would do it, please send to  ontovictoryfanzine@yahoo.co.uk A free copy of ON TO VICTORY could be yours plus a pint of...
  7. How we can win on Sat

    Just a few thoughts about the game after watching Forest on Monday. They play a 3-5-2 formation at the moment with three big centre backs. I personaly think Wayne Gray and Mark Bentley are key to us competing and winning this game. With the wing back system there is often space on the flanks in...
  8. southend4ever


    Chris Cohen what would you think to signing Cohen on loan? I have seen him play a couple of times and he likes to get stuck in. Definitely worth a look and has a lot of promise. Naturally left sided, could be worth giving a go? Would be interested as to what level West Ham want him to go out...
  9. * ORM *

    If you were on a doomed plane with 3 parachutes ?

    Naturally you'd have one yourself but which one of these would be sweating on a miracle ? At this rate Rivals.Net looks attractive.
  10. Alex

    wont be happy if mccormack starts

    dont get me wrong, and im not judging the player before he's played but if he starts i dont think its fair. pettefer is a natural centre midfielder so he should play alongside bently tomorrow. nicolau has been brilliant since playing left wing when he come back in the side and was harshly...
  11. Mr Wooly

    Official Site

    Hi all, I've been summoned to produce a Uni assignment on a Sports facility type, so naturally I've chosen Roots Hall has my chosen subject. However, I need a breakdown of the key members of staff who work off the field or behind the scenes at the club. I tried the official site, but the...
  12. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Weds 7.10pm: Last Back From Brizzle

    I assume am last back given none of our Spanish, Canadian etc Shrimpers made this one. Suffolk ain't that far from the Memorial Ground, but my visit to Brizzle was a bit 'engineered'. With three kids finding the time and justification for long away trips isn't easy so it helps...
  13. * ORM *

    Best available midfielder at the club

    As an alternative to the other thread and because I do feel a bit sorry for Pettefer with no votes (presumably because he's not the flair wide right player some people on here expect him to be): Please vote for your top 3 (1 being top). Only registered posters will be counted (sorry). Jay...
  14. * ORM *

    If you're bored tomorrow morning.

    Why not come and watch your very own Shrimperzone FC over at Garons KO 10.30am (furthest pitch from the changing room). Naturally wer'e the ones playing in dark blue and we'd really appreciate some extra support, even if it's just for the one game. Despite our current league...
  15. Hawkwell Blue

    Ex Southend Player

    Which ex Blues' player do we reckon has made the best manager? Ling and Tilly spring to mind naturally.
  16. Andy_S


    As I'm pretty fed up on the whole tonight I might as well get it out of my system! How did the players let themselves get stage fright yet again? For the first 10 minutes or so we looked a very good outfit, we played it around well and then the first goal killed us completely. Once...
  17. Getting Sky

    I am (naturally) desperate to watch the match on Friday. However, having caught the habit of watching my pennies from my neighbours I don't have the Sky sports channels. Can I "pic 'n mix" just the one extra channel, or just pay for the night, or do I have to bite the bullet...
  18. Friday

    A young man called Furgus wanted to purchase a gift for his new sweetheart Ciara, as they had not been together for long and he wanted to surprise her. After careful consideration he decided that a pair of gloves would strike the right note - not too romantic and not too personal...
  19. From Cheltenham!!!

    Hello Southend. How’s Pre-season going? Ours has gone well, 2 wins and 3 draws. Cleeve 2 Cheltenham 6 Cheltenham 1 Birmingham 1 Forest Green Rovers 2 Cheltenham 2 (we fielded mainly youth and reserve team players) Cheltenham 3 Bournemouth 1 Cheltenham 1 Cardiff 1 Not bad, Cardiff and...
  20. august bank holiday weekend

    Any-one going down to Bristol Rovers on Friday 27th August might be interested to note that on the saturday Exeter are at home to Canvey. We have already booked a hotel in Bristol for the Friday night and will go on to Exeter on the saturday. We will be cheering on the Exeter naturally